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Which one of the following is not a reason why Europeans came to the New World?
a. To find resources in order to increase wealth
b. to eastablish trade
c. to increase a ruler's power and importance
d. to spread Christianity
The study of human origins has been a major contribution of
a. Evans
b. Schiliemann
c. Margaret Mead
d. The Leakeys
Downstream for the flow of the Yagtze River is primarily
a. North
b. South
c. East
d. West
The results of the Renaissance, Enlightenment, Commercial and Industrial Revolutions were more unforunate for the peolpe of
a. Asia
b. Latin American
c. Africa
d. Middle East
Government regulation of economic activities for favorable balance of trade was the first major economic theory. It was called
a. Laissez-faire
b. Globalism
c. Mercantilism
d. Syndicalism
The ancient civilization to introduce and practice monotheism was the
a. Sumerians
b. Minoans
c. Phoenicians
d. Hebrews
Which one of the following is not a responsibility of citizens?
a. Pay taxes
b. Defend the country
c. Obey the laws
d. serve on juries
Which one of the following does effect climate?
a. elevation of altitude
b. ocean currents
c. latitude
d. longitude
The foudation of the modern consistution in embodied in the idea that goverment is limited by law This was stated by
a. John Locke
b. Rousseau
c. St. Thomas Aquinas
d. Montesquieu
The only colony not founded and and settled for religious, political, or business reason was
a. Delaware
b. Virginia
c. Georgia
d. New York
The "father of political science" is considered to be

a. Aristotle
b. John Locke
c. Plato
d. Thomas Hobbes
Bathtub, hot and cold running water, and sewage systems with flush toilets were developed by the
a. Minoans
b. Mycenaeans
c. Phoenicians
d. Greeks
In the Low countries of Western Europe, the achievements of the Renaissance were unsurpassed and made these countries outstanding cultural centers on the continent. This was accomplished becuase of a. Foreigh domination
b. Establishment of Universities
c. Printing of some of the frist books
d. Wealth and trade conncetion with southern Europe
Which one of the 13 colonies had the greatest religous tolerance?
a. Maryland
b. Rhode Island
c. Pennsylvania
d. Delaware
Radiocarbon dating benefits
a. Archaelogogy
b. Geography
c. Sociology
d. Anthropology