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Crustaeans have -------legs which include claws
The cephalothorax is a combination of the _________ and _________.
head and thorax
What are a few examples of the class crustaceans?
crab, crayfish, lobster, shrimp , barnacle, daphnia
What are the 2 body sections of the crustaceans?

Where do crustaceans mostly live?
water enviornment
What is the purpose of swimmerets on females?
carry eggs while they develop into baby crayfish (on movie)
The antennae is used for ____-,_______,and used for ______ and __________.
Antennae - taste ,touch,smell

ear sac - balance , hearing
What is the purpose of swimmerets on males and females?
- used for moving

- waving H2O over gills.
How do crustaceans perform respiration?
use gills to let O2 diffuse in and CO2 to diffuse out
What is added to the crustaceans exeskeleton to make it hard
Injured claws can be removed and ___________
What are a few sense organs that crustaceans have?
- compound eyes on stalks to see in all directions

-antenna for touch,
anetnnule with ear sac for balance and hearing