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Why did the framers choose a confederate form of gov. as their first gov. after the Revolutionary War?
They didn't want it set up like England with one ruler...they wanted the people to have control of their gov.
Three-fifths Compromise
Three-fifths of the slaves in each state were to be counted in the population.
Why was an Electoral College system set up to elect the President?
So that all of the states could have a say and they would be able to hear what the other states had to say.
congress can overrule the presidents veto
proposed law
Explain the system of checks and balances and give an example of it.
Each branch of federal gov. has some way to check or control the other two branches. It's another way the constitution limits the power of gov. Checks on congress: Congress can pass a bill, the President can check the power of congress by vetoing it. Congress can check the President by overriding the Presidents veto.
What is the difference between a Federalist and an Antifederalist?
Federalists were supporters of the constitution.

Antifederalists were opposed to the constitution.
Great Compromise
Roger Shermans plan at the constitutional convention for 3 branches of gov. and a 2 house legislature which settled the difference between the large and small states. Lower House called the House of Representatives would be chosen by all men who could vote. Upper House called the Senate, would be chosen by state legislatures. Each state no matter what the size would have 2 senators.
Why did antifederalists object to the Constitution?
They felt it made the national gov. too strong and the states too weak. They thought the constitution gave the president too much power.
Which current house of Congress is based on the New Jersey Plan?
Senate - 2 per state - upper house
Describe one cause and effect of Shays' Rebellion.
He wanted to save his farm, so he gathered about 2000 farmers and they went around attacking courthouses. They made people realize that the Articles of Confederation needed revising.
List 5 rights protected by the Bill of Rights?
Freedom of: Speech
bring charges against an official, such as the president.
Which current house of Congress is based on the Virginia Plan?
The House of Rep. - lower house
List the three branches of government, the functions of each, and give the name each is more commonly known as.
Legislative - congress - enforces the laws

Executive - President - carries out the laws

Judicial - Supreme Court - interprets the law
Know the number of members, and requirements for office for each of the three branches of government.
Legislative - 435 members - 25 yrs. old - a resident of the state - a US citizen for 7 yrs.

Executive - 2 members (Pres. and VP) - natural born citizen -35 yrs of age and been a resident of the country 14 years.

Judicial - no constitutionally required number of members - federal judges serve for life -
List two problems with the Articles of Confederation?
The articles did not provide for a president to carry out the laws. It was up to the states to enforce laws passed by congress. The artices didn't set up a court system.
What was the Land Ordinance of 1785?
It set up a system for settling the NW territory and outlawed slavery there. It also provided for the vast region to be divided into townships. Each township would be divided into 36 sections. Each section was l mile square.
What are the two houses of congress?
House of Rep. and Senate
How is the federal form of government set up?
The constitution - 3 branches of gov. Leg./exec./jud.
Why is it important to the South that they consider slaves as part of their population?
The had a lot of slaves and they needed them added to the population to give them more power.
Bill of Rights
document that lists freedoms the government promises to protect.
Baron de Montesquieu
Published "the spirit of the land"...he urged that the power of the government should be divided into 3 seperate branches.
- Legislative
- Executive
- Judicial
Define and tell what the NW Ordinance did.
It set up a system of settling the NW territory. It was important because it provided a way for new states to be admitted to the United States. It guaranteed that new states would be treated the same as the original 13 states.
Name two Enlightenment ideas that influenced the constitution.
A written constitution would spell out the rights of all citizens. Second, it would set limits on the power of gov.
Articles of confederation
first constitution of the United States
New Jersey Plan
William Paterson's plan for the new government presented to the constitutional convention in support of small states. A plan of gov. with 3 branches and 1 house. Each state would have 1 vote.
a document that sets ou the laws and principles.
A formal written change
Explain how the separation of powers related to the current US government.
No branch of government becomes too powerful. It is still that way today.
John Locke
published 2 treaties on government (two important ideas).
- He declared that all people had natural rights, liberty and property.
- Government is an agreement between the ruler and the ruled. The ruler must enforce laws and protect the people.
Virginia Plan
a plan of government presented by Edmund Randolph and James Madison to the constitutional convention.
House of Rep. - based on population.