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XII. Hypoglossal
Motor Control of tongue:
Stick out tongue
VIII. Vestibulocochlear
Hearing and Balance of the ear:
Identify sounds
Balance and coordination
IX. Glossopharyngeal
Gag reflex and ability to swallow
V. Trigeminal
Sensation of touch and pain on skin of face:
Touch face
Clench teeth
Push down on chin to separate jaws
X. Vagus
Gag reflex:
Say "AHH"
III. Oculomotor
Test pupillary reaction to light
Elevate the eyelids
elevate, depress and adduct the eyes
VII. Facial
Taste of anterior portion of tongue
Identify taste
Close eyes tight
Smile and show teeth
II. Optic
Vision: Identify objects w/in view and clarify what is seen
VI. Abducens
Voluntary movement of lateral rectus muscle of eye:
Abduct eye
IV. Trochlear
Elevate the eye
Lateral movement of the eye
I. Olfactory
Smell:Identify familiar odors
XI. Accessory
Vouluntary motor of sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscle:
Shrug the shoulders