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fastest growing clientele

marriage and family problems


Norbert Weiner 1940 - feedback loops -

used by family therapist


families over involved


families flexibility in order to change

morphostasis refers to the family balance stability while morphogenesis refers to family ability t change


any system including family is greater that the sum of its pares

mandatory or asperational

in ethics it's either mandatory or aspirational

Virginia Satir

Experiental conjoint family therapy - healed via love which clashed with Minuchin

Minuchin - family therapy was a science


Intrafamily communication four basic patterns that prevent good communication under stress

placating (try to please everybody)


being overly reasonable (reasonable analyzer)

being irrelevant

"family sculpting" family member places other family members in postings that symbolize their relationships with other members of the family.

Carl Whitaker

dean of experiential family therapy

experiential symbolic family therapy

- cognitive behavior therapist

co-therapist are helpful


psychotherapy of the absured

David Premark's principle or law

behaviorist - family member must complete a unpleasant task before he would be allowed to engage in pleasant task

quid pro quo

"one thing for another" behavioral contingency contract

do something as long as other member does something

Joseph Wolpe


systematic desensitization pairs feared mental imagery with relaxation to eliminate the fear

Behaviorist family therapy

functional analysis of behavior followed by operant conditioning


chaining and extinction

Nathan Ackerman

- child psychiatrist 1938 studied families

- psychodynamic family counseling

- concerned with internal feelings and thoughts of each individual and dynamics between

introjects (psychoanalytic concept)

internalizes the positive and negative characteristics of the objects with themselves

splitting (psychoanalytic concept)

splitting is when a client sees and object (another person) as all good or all bad

Watzlack, Weakland, and Fisch

First order change - changes that are superficial

Second order change- involves an actual change in the family structure that alters an undesirable behavioral pattern


low level depression that occurs more days that not for at least one year in kids an teens two years in adults

Cloe Madanes and Jay Haley

strategic school of family counseling

designing strategy for specific problems "strategic therapy"

degree in communication and art

double bind

paradox in sense tha the client is told he can engage in a behavior that the person wishes to abate

incongruous hierarchy

Maddens believe that key to family function is to help children find more direct way to help their parents so that their symptoms no longer serve a viable purpose. (daughter breaking glass to get mom out of depression)

Hayley states that a hierarchy malfunction is evident in dysfunctional families. - symptoms control the family when all else has failed

Madanes "pretend techniques"

family enacts a make believe scenario of the problem


therapist may warn the family of individual about the negative consequences of change.

restraining helps overcome resistance by suggesting that it might be best if the family does not change.


a helper accepts the client's predicament and the exaggerates the condition

African-American families

fewer getting married and out of wedlock counts for 2 out of 3

less likely to care about gender roles


Intergenerational family therapy is differentiation

differential - separate intellect from emotional self

triangulation - when i dyad is under stress a third person is recruited to help stabilize the difficulty between the original dyad - even a child placed in the middle

three generational pictorial diagram - genogram (family tree)

Salvador Minuchin

structural family therapy

joining (technique in structural family therapy)

therapist meets, greets, and attempts to bond with the family. using language similar to that of the family and mimesis which means that he will mimic communication patterns

Ackerman - psychodynamic

Haley - strategic

Minuchin - structural

Bowen - intergenerational

and another intergenerational..

Hungarian analytically trained psychiatrist

Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy

relational ethics - healthy families can negotiate imbalances and preserve a sense of fairness and accountability

Family legacy - expectations handed down from generation to generation

Family ledger technique - multigenerationalbalnce sheet or accounting system

perverse triangle

two different family members in different hierarchy team up on another member


pioner in early history family therapy

opened 30 child guidance clinics 1920s

Carl Whitaker


promoted craziness and creativity with families not theory

Solution-Oriented therapy

focuses on the future

Michael and Cheryl White and David Epston

Narrative therapy - highlights stories in counseling

Tom Anderson

one way mirror and reflection treatment team

Steve de Shazer

brief solution-focused therapy (BSFT)

skeleton keys - standard of stock intervention that will work for numerous problems

BF sometimes uses a treatment team behind a oneway mirror, nevertheless, it is not required

constructive and cognitive approaches


Renee V. Davis

Lloyd Lofquist

PEC Person Environment Correspondence

TWA (Theory of Work Adjustment) career counseling model

The person must fit the job

coefficient of determination is computed by

squaring the correlation coefficient .70 = 49%

to get coefficient of non determination showing unique variance subtract from 100 = 51%


"worldview generalization" social learning model of career development.

learning not interest guide people to a career

a. genetic endowment and special abilities

b. environmental contains and events

c. instrumental learning/association learning


social-cognitive career theory


Urie Bronfenbrenner

National Headstart Program

ecological systems theory (micro and macro systems)

IQ of 50th percentile

is 100 and is in the middle of the normal curve

84 is 115

70 or below is mentally retardation


Virtual Reality therapy (most high-tech)


only measure of central tendency that reacts to every score

Daniel Goleman

EQ "emotional inteligente"

he viewed EQ over IQ

behavior therapies based on clinical conditioning

treat phobias but also obsessive-compulsive disorder

Meta-analysis or metaresearch

occurs when several studies on the same topic are utilized in order to examine a hypothesis

Barnum effect

cleint will often accept a general psychological test report, horoscope, or palm reading and believe i applies specifically to them

somatoform disorders

physical conditions without physical or physiological causes

Scott Peck

"The road less traveled" 1978


helped religion and psychology gel


Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

eating disorder primarily in women 90%

also eating disorders

two binge eatings per week for 3 months

Progress notes

required by law


Private Care Physicians

(family doctor)


National Provider Identifier

NPI number is needed for filing claims