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What happens when your appearance and the way that you conduct yourself are in harmony with the beauty business?

Your chances of being successful increase dramatically

What is the first and most important clue that leads potential clients to decide that you can make them look great?

How you look

Your behavior, the attitude you project, the way you interact with others, your communication skills, and how you physically hold yourself creates what?

Complete professional image

The daily maintenance of cleanliness by practicing good healthful habits

Personal hygiene

The impression you project through both your outward appearance and your conduct in the workplace

Professional image

You should always use makeup to do what?

Accentuate your best feature

Involves your posture, as well as the way you walk and move

Physical presentation

What does good posture convey?

An image of confidence

The science of designing the workplace as well as equipment and tools to make specific body movements more comfortable, efficient, and safe.


What is the key to avoiding problems?


What does an awareness of your body posture and movements, coupled with good work habits and proper tools and equipment enhance?

Your health and comfort

What has a cumulative effect on the muscles and the joints?

Repetitive motions

How should you keep your wrists as much as possible?

Neutral or straight