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#01. If the tech order states a transmitter has a frequency accuracy of 0.0001 percent, which of the following is an acceptable output with an operating frequency of 225 MHz?
224.999975 to 225.000225
#02. If an oscilloscope display a modulation envelope having an Emax of 200 volts and an Emin of 20 volts, what is the percent of modulation
#03. Reducing modulation to less than 100 percent gives
no reduction in carrier power
#04. In the AN/GRT-21 and AN/GRT-22, what circuit sets the audio-frequency response?
Filter circuit in the A4 module
#05*. In the AN/GRT-22 transmitter, the purpose of the E/L relay when operating in the 50-watt mode is to
Bypass the LPA in the event of high VSWR
#06*. Comparing the AN/GRT-21 and AN/GRT-22, the UHF multiplier module possesses one more stage of amplification than the VHF multiplier because the
fourth harmonic is weaker than the second harmonic
#07. Referring to foldout 6, if the 50-watt output decreases,
conduction of Q3 increases, which causes a more positive APC voltage
#08. Referring to the tuned cavity in foldout 9, C1 and C2 are tuned to pass what signals?
Operating frequency only
#09. In foldout 9, what is the purpose of the tuned cavity's low-pass filter (FL2)
Attenuates harmonics
#10*. The LPA FWD and RVS pwr sensor voltages are amplified and level-shifted in teh LPA A5 module for what purpose?
To develop the APC voltage and to detect VSWR
#11. In a receiver, why can the antenna not be connected directly to the mixer circuit?
the oscillator signal mught be radiated out into space
#12. Which of the following statements is true concerning rx operation?
When we change fx's, the IF does not change; local oscillator frequency does
#13. In what section of a superheterodyne rx does most of the amplification take place
IF section
#14. With an operating frequency of 150 MHz and an IF of 10.7 MHz, which of the following is a possible image freq.
171.4 (? check this answer)
#15*. What are the basic requirements for any type of demodulation?
Sensitivity, nonlinearity, RF carrier signal, and filtering
#17. Which module of an AN/FRR-=24 rx prevents interference from radar pulses?
Noise limiter
#16*. Which of the following statments is true concerning diode detectors?
They give high-fidelity detection for signals of sufficient
#18. The purpose of the AGC voltage is to
ensure a constant output level with varying input signal strength
#19. In the AN/GRR-24 mixer/multiplier in foldout 12, what frequency is C12 tuned to pass.
Fourth harmonic of the oscillator input frequency
#20*. In the AN/GRR-24 mixer/miltiplier in foldout 12, the output of Q8 is tuned to pass what frequency?
Intermediate frequency
#21*. Which of the following statements best identifies teh requirments for two transceivers to establesh HAVE QUICK communications?
They must have the same WOD and TOD
#22. Concerning HAVE QUICK 2 communications (MWOD), how long can each WOD be used?
24 hours
#23. What is the purpose of the tactical digital information link?
The exchange of real-time tactical data
#24. In foldout 15, grid B6, what functions are performed by the A7 modul's low-pass filter?
Image-frequency rejection in rx and harmonic attenuation in tx
#25*. Which of the following identifies the output power of the AN/GRC-171b4 tranceiver
20 watts in AM, 50 watts in FM
#26. Which of the following is resposible for proventing spurious RF outputs while the AN/GRC-171B(V)4 transceiver is changing frequincies during HAVE QUICK operation?
A1A2 ECCM processor
#27. In the AN/GRC-171B(V)4, what is the operating frequency of the guard receiver?
#28. On the AN/GRC-171B(V)4 radio set control, what condition causes the RT FLT lamp to illuminate
A receiver-tx fault has been detected
#29. During tx operation, what is the purpose of the compressor circuit in the RT-1446 HF transceiver?
Equalizes varying voice levels so the audio signal is more uniform in amplitude
#30. Referring to foldout 16, what determines which specific filter is used in the IF filter assembly?
The mode of operation
#31*. The purpose of the input overload protection circuit shown in foldout 16 to prevent
any rx damage due to excessively strong signals
#32. In foldout 16, which of the following best describes the output of the product detector shown in grid A5?
The difference between teh second IF and the BFO signal, which is the audio
#33. In figure 3-2, which circuit provides impedence matching between teh antenna and the AM-7223?
A2 tank assembly
#34. In the AM-7223 LPA, which circuit provides outputs that are directly proportional to the forward and reflected pwr.
VSWR bridge
#35. When using the C-11329 remote control unit, how do we route tx audio to the RT-1446?
Using a 600-ohm transmission line
#36*. The amount of skin-affect loss is directly proportional to
signal frequency
#37*. Leakage loss in a transmission line can be minimized by using a
very-high-resistance dielectric
#38*. What two properties of a transmission line determine its characteristic impedance?
Inductance and capacitance
#39*. Which of the following best describes "cutoff fx" when discussing transmission line properties?
The frequency where Xc causes the signal to be shunted
#40. Which of the following statements concerning wavelength is true?
Wavelength is inversely related to fx
#43. Which of the following statements concerning line lengths is true?
With constant physical length, fx and electrical length are directly related
#44*. A nonresonant transmission line is a line
having no reflected waves
#45. When discussing transmission lines,
maximum power transfer results from a nonresonant line
#46. If a transmission line is terminated in an open, which of the following will likely result?
There would be significant signal loss
#47. The pupose of a balun is to
provide an impedance match between transmission line and antenna
#48. Which of the following is the primary limiting factor concerning use of waveguides at lower frequencies?
Physical size
#49. Which of the following statements concerning waveguides is false?
The flexible nature of waveguides makes them eay to install
#50. Which of the following statements concerning waveguides is false?
The flexible nature of waveguides makes them easy to install
#51. The path above the horizon through which an antenna radiates the largest amount of its RF energy is called the
radiation angle
#52. If an antenn's electric lines of force lie in a vertical direction, it can be said that teh antenna is
vertically polarized
#53. An antenna that radiates well in all directions is said to be
#54. If an antenna concentrates its signal in one direction while reducing the signal in other directions, it can be classified as
#55*. Log-periodic antennas
exhibit essentially constant characteristics over the entire frequency range
#56. How many channels can be connected to the CU-547/GR antenna multicoupler?