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Suspected in

Pt over 40 yo


-dyspnoea that is progressive, persistent and worse with exercise

-chronic cough

-chronic sputum production

-family Hx of COPD

Exacerbation of pre-existing COPD def

-increased dyspnoea

-increased cough

-increased sputum production

Indications of CPAP

SpO2 <90% on room air or <95% on supplemental O2
Mx for exacerbation of undiagnosed or previously diagnosed COPD

All levels of severity

-Salbutamol 10mg/5mL and Ipratropium bromide nebulised once only

Adequate response

-titrate O2 flow to target SpO2 88-92%

-consider NC

Inadequate response after 10/60


Pt deteriorates

-provide assisted vent with 100% O2 if inadequate Vt or RR