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My mother bought cans of Goya beans, soups and comdiments and cans of libby's fruit juices for us.

page 27
Guess: Different seasoning to
prepared different food

Meaning: Something used to
make food, e.g sea-
soning, spice etc.
To differentiate between colors, and the darker hues of the snowbearing clouds, but that color drench over the whole period.

page 25
Guess: Distinguish between

Meaning: Identification of
colors that made them
to be classed red,
yellow, white, etc.

We always lingered at La Bodega where mother does groceries to cook food that looks like back home.

page 27
Guess: Walk around.

Meaning: To remain briefly or
reluctant to leave.

It made no difference between the American phenomenon of ethnic which upset some changes in some parts of Paterson area.

page 26
Guess: To observed an event.

Meaning: A detectable fact of
an event or observa-
tion of something
that happens.

There, my father found a small apartment in a big tenement that was once for Jewish families but it was taken over by Puerto Ricans overflowing from New York.

page 25
Guess: Is a building for rent.

Meaning: A building divided
into apartment for
rent to families.
She remembers the noise of the heater pipes that startling them out of sleep until they got used to it.

page 25
Guess: Fear

Meaning: Causing astonishment,
surprise or anxiety.

It became my father's idea to get out of the barrio, and never allowed to unite with the people who lived there.

page 27
Guess: A group of people from
the same origin or

Meaning: A city from a spanish
speaking country.