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List 2/3 qualifications to be a president

at least 35, reside in US for at least 14 years

(other: natural born US citizen)

What does the supremacy clause state?

national supremacy, federal law over state law

What must happen before a person can be tried for serious federal crime?

you must be indicted by a grand jury

What 2 things does the 8th amend. prevent?

excessive bail/fines, cruel and unusual punishment

what body has the exec. power to impeach govt officials?

house of reps

what does the 2nd amend. deal with?

right to bear arms

who heads the nation's armed forces and why is this significant?

President; because he's a civilian and can't declare war

2/3 qualifications to be in the senate?

at least 30, live in state you represent

(other: US citizen for at least 9 years)

when was the 27th amend. dealing with congressional pay proposed then ratified?

1789; 1992

T/F the amount of money borrowed by govt is limited by the constitution


what presidents were impeached?

Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton

What is the main responsibility of the judicial branch?

interpret laws

How can a presidential veto be overturned?

2/3 vote in both houses of congress

who fixes or sets the size of the supreme court?


Describe the difference between original and appellate jurisdiction

original: power of a court to hear a case for the first time

appellate: case heard on review in higher court to determine if case decided in a fair way

how long was the prohibition legal for?

14 years

by the 14th amendment, what 2 ways can citizenship be acquired?

birth or naturalization

what amend. sets the age for voting?


women's right to vote


what is the main responsibility of the legislative branch?

to make laws