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Components of the Constitution


article 1

legislative branch

article 2

executive branch

article 3

judicial branch

article 4

relationships between states

article 5

amendment process

article 6

supremacy clause

article 7


article 8


article 9

changes to the constitution

major principles



popular sovereignty - people are the source of thee power


federalism -power is divided by national and state governments


separation of powers- division of powers between 3 branches of government


checks and balances- each branch has some power over the other 2 branches.


judicial review- power of the courts to review laws and actions for constitutionality.


limited government- limits the authority of the federal government.

why did we need the constitution

to replace the weak articles of confederation

main ideas of declaration

1. all men are created equal

2. men have right that cannot be taken away

3. governments derive power from the people

6 goals of the preamble

1. perfect union

2. justice


4. common defense

5. general welfare

6. blessings of liberty

examples of checks and balances

1.congress overriding presidents veto with a 2/3 majority

2.senate approving key official that president appoints

4. marbury vs madison ** supreme court determines whether a law is constitutional

article 1- the legislative branch

congress = house of repersenatives and senate

how many house of representatives are there in total


how many HOR per state?

number of reps is based upon states population

how long does a HOR serve for

2 years

who is the presiding officer for the HOR

speaker of the house

how many senators are there in total


how many senators per state?


how long does a senator serve for?

6 years

how often are elections for senators

1/3 elected every 2 years

who is the presiding officer for the senator

vice president and the president pro tempore

qualifications to be a Representative

25 years old

7 years citizenship

state resident

qualifications to be a senator

30 years old

9 years citizenship

state resident

congressional powers

1. revenue taxes

2. borrow

3. regulate trade

4. declare war


6. naturalization

elastic clause

power to create laws necessary and proper

denied powers


habeas courpus

ex post facto

specific powers of house of representatives

1. start all revenue tax bills

2. start impeachment process

3. select president if electoral college ties

specific powers of the senate

confirm all presidential elections

jury in impeachment trails

approve treaties


bill to law process--


either house or senate

bill to law process--

then goes to


bill to law process--

approved by?

whole house or senate

bill to law process--

sent to?

other side

bill to law process--

if approved sent to


bill to law process--

if signed


most common i forbid is called


not signed but not vetoed and congress adjourns

pocket veto

congress can override a veto with a

2/3 vote

if not returned in ten days

becomes a law

article 2

executive branch

enforces laws

qualifications to be part of the executive branch

35 years old

natural born citizen

14 years u.s resident

what qualifications does the vice president have

4 years term

2 term max

10 year total max

who elects the president

electoral college

how are electoral votes given

majority of the popular vote

how many people are in the electoral college


how many electorals per state

based on population+2 senators

what is the smallest number of electorals a state can have


how many electoral votes does a candidate need to win

270 ( one more than a half)

powers of president

appoint key officials

commander in chief

negotiate treaties and conduct foreign policy

duties of the president

state of the union

receive foreign diplomats

recognize foreign governments

rights of the president

refuse to testify before a court- executive privilege

impeachments means?


house impeaches senate tries

who is the judge in an impeachment trial

supreme court judge

article 3

the judiciary

interpret laws

highest court in the united states

supreme court

judicial review means

make sure laws are constitutional

types of jurisdiction



how many supreme court justices are there


how many supreme court justices does the constitution call for

odd number

how do you become a supreme court justice

appointed by president

approved by senate

how long does a supreme court justice serve


how can a supreme court judge be removed?




article 4

relations between states


extradition means

the formal process by which a fugitive found in state is surrendered to another state for trail or punishment.

article 5

amendment process

shows the constitution is flexible and can change when necessary

who can purpose an amendment


by what vote can an amendment pass


who has to vote on ratifying an amendment

state legislatures

by what vote can a amendment be ratified

3/4 of all states

article 6--

supremacy clause

constitution + federal law are the supreme law of the land

what does impeachment mean


who doesnt congress report to


is it possible for the president to be elected even if fewer votes than opponent


what does the vice president also serve as

president of the senate

what is legislative power

the power to make laws

what must happen to have a senate or house vote on a bill

more than half of the members must be present

what is the supreme law of the land

constitution and acts passed by the congress

can a person be forced to testify against themselves


are supreme court justices specified


amendment 9

rights of people

amendment 10

powers of states and people

amendment 14

rights of citizens regardless of race

amendment 22

limit on presidential terms

amendment 24

aboilition of the poll tax

amendment 26

18 years old to vote

when did illinois become a state


what year was the current consistution approved?


how many articles does the illinois constitution have


what is the capital of illinois


what is eminent domain

taking property for public use

what is homerule

process in which a country or government may provide its own public services

what is the illinois legislature called

general assembly

how many legislative districts are in illinois?


how many repersenative districts are in illinois


qualifications to be a part of the general assembly

21 years old

2 years residency


attorney general does what

chief law enforcement officer

types of courts




house do illinois judges get their jobs

elected by the people

qualifications to be judge


resident of district


requirements to vote in illinois

18 years old

resident of the state for more than 30 days

register to vote by election deadline