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bath bash bask back batch
math mash mask mack match
suck such muck much
Rich rich rest bench
king lunch ducks mind
cute weep fishes tasted
sash sacks team liked
sank math dishes biking
handy misty Robin munch
lucky winner singing tidbits
pigpen catches fantastic teaching
Gus' lunch
Robin munches
cute foxes
biking home
peaches hung
Jan's duck
Pete punches
catching robber
Gus moped
colt biting
packing candy
runner puffed
yanking teeth
lacking film
penny sinking
humming tune
Buzz' taxes
baking fish
sh-am sham
sh-ut shut
sh-in shin
sh-ed shed
sh-ell shell
sh-op shop
sh-un shun
sh-ank shank
sh-ock shock
Sh-elly Shelly
shall ship
shun shed
shop shut
shock shin
shun Shelly
shot shin
shift shank
shag shall
shift shell
shut shack
sham shaft
shell sham
shave sheep
shale shine
sheet shade
shade sheen
Shane shave
sheaf shake
sheer sheet
shame Shame
shape shone