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Exception handling?
The ability of a program to intercept run-time errors (as well as other unusual conditions detected by the program), take corrective measures, and then continue.
Systems software?
The operating system and all of the programming support tools of a computer system are collectively known as its SYSTEM SOFTWARE.
A program is said to be RELIABLE if it performs to its specifications under all conditions.
ORTHOGONALITY in a programming language means that a relatively small set of primitive constructs can be combined in a relatively small number of ways to build the control and data structures of the language.
Type checking?
TYPE CHECKING is simply testing for type errors in a given program, either by the compiler or during program execution.
A program is RELIABLE if it performs to its specifications under all conditions.
Having two or more distinct referencing methods, or names, for the same memory cell.
WRITABILITY is a measure of how easily a langtuage can be used to create programs for a chosen problem domain.
ABSTRACTION means the ability to define and then use complicated structures or operations in ways that allow many of the details to be ignored.