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Front (Term)

Why is Seperation of powers needed

Back (Definition)

To prevent corruption and and tyranny

Preventwhy a

Front (Term)

Why are checks and balances needed

Back (Definition)

Uk unwritten constituon and to keep powers seperate

Complex system

Front (Term)

What does lord Acton state

Back (Definition)

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely


Three elements of constitutional powers

Executive, legislative, judicial

What does aristotle say

If these are well arranged, the constitution is bound to be well arranged

Is bound...

Montesquieu State

All would be lost if the same man...exercised these powers

Importance of the doctrine

-avoidance of tyranny

- safeguarding rights

- and the will of power

British approach to sop

-not be part of more than one branch

- not carry the funtions of another

Arms of the state in the uk


E =



E pm mini

L....parl Hoc hol

J.... Judicial appointment

Functions of each state e l j

-Formulates and executes policy

- create law through statute

- interpret and apply the law

E = for and exe

L = creation

J = act as a check on the executive

Why was the cra 2005 designed

To widen the uks arrangement

Judicial reviews of sop

Importance in checks and balances

C and b

Importance of independence- judiciary, judges ,

Judiciary- independent: citizens have confidence

Judges - free from government pressure and political influence