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Flat-file Database

May contain a number of single tables with no links between them.

Relational Database

A database which contains anumber of linked tables.

Primary Key

A primary key is a field which uniquely identifies a record in a database.

Foreign Key

A foreign key is a primarykey from one table included in another table to form a link.


Used to improve accesstimes to records.

3rd Normal Form

The data items aredependent on the key, the whole key and nothing but the key.

Data Redundancy

Storing of the same data more than once.

Data Consistency

Due to data being stored only once, all instances of data will be updated if a change is made.

Data Independence

Data in a database should be able to be used on any other database application.

Data Warehousing

Where large quantities of data are collected together from a variety of locations for efficient analysis.

Data Mining

The analysis of large amounts of data (in a data warehouse) to provide new information or find patterns.

Database Administator

The person in a company who is responsible for the structure and management of the database system and the data in it.

Query Language

Used when a user wants to search data in database.