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What is a good preventive maintenance measure to protect mouse?
Clean the mouse's ball.
What is the memory address of the first instruction in the ROM BIOS program?
Which settings information is usually stored in a memory chip and retained by using a battery on the motherboard?
What kind of motherboard improves on the previous standard and rotates the board 90 degress, allowing for a more eficient design?
In Windows 9x, what key do you press to enter Safe Mode at startup?
F5 key
What is the maximum number of memory addresses for a Pentium CPU?
4096 MB (4096 mega bytes or 4 gigabytes)
What is a good preventive maintenance measure to protect the computer case?
Keep it dust free. Place it where it will not be kicked or bumped.
What are four types of system resources?
IRQ's, DMA channels, I/O Addresses and Memory Adresses
L2 cache that is contained on the same die as the processor is called what?
ATC or Advanced Transfer Cache
True or False: Microchannel is a 64 bit bus.
False. MCA is a 32 bit bus.
True or False: AT-style system boards require two power connectors from the power supply.
What rule must be followed when attaching drive cables?
Attach the cable so that pin 1 on the board or device attaches to the edge color(typically red) side of the cable.
List three ways to prevent a virus
Use only authorized software.

Limit downloading files from the internet.

Use a virus scan program at boot-up.

Scan word processing documents before opening them.
What is the best way to dispose of a toner cartridge?
Return it to the manufacturer or dealer for recycling.
What is a good preventive maintenance measure to protect the floppy drive?
Blow dust out of the mechanism.
What is a good preventive maintenance measure to protect the software?
Put original disks in a safe place. Make back-ups of the originals if possible and use the back-ups when performing installs.
What is a good preventive maintenance measure to protect hard drive?
Back it up!
If the floppy drive cable were installed with the edge color opposite pin 1 instead of next to it, what would be the result?
When the system boots up, the floppy drive LED stays on and the system hangs.
What does LED stand for?
Light Emitting Diode.
What should you do before switching on the power of a freshly assembled system?
Check all connections. Make sure all boards are properly seated. Make sure the system board is not touching the case. Remove all tools from the case. STAND BACK!
When building a new computer system, why might you have to change the jumper settings on the system board?
To specify type of CPU installed, speed of the CPU, voltage requirements of the CPU or the amount of cache installed on the system board.
Name three reasons why it would suck to build your own PC.
Probably won't save any money. There will be no overall warranty for the system. It requires skill and knowledge which, frankly, you do not possess. It takes a lot of time
What are the advantages of buying a well known, brand name computer?
After sales service including toll free numbers to call, parts delivered to home, on-site service and longer warranties.
What is the advantage of buying a clone computer?
Lower cost, ease of obtaining and exchanging standard parts, more control of components and software.
List three reasons why it might be good to build your own PC
It can be fun. You can learn a lot and you have control over the hardware and software installed into it.
Which Pentium was the first to use Slot 1 instead of a socket?
The Pentium II was the first to use a slot 1.
What is the range of upper memory addresses in HEX?
A0000 to FFFFF
You have a memory module with 72 pins on the edge connector. Is it a SIMM or a DIMM?
SIMMs use 72 pins.
In a system that uses a CD-ROM drive instead of a DVD drive, the audio wire connects the _____to the____.
The audio wire connects the CD-ROM drive to the sound card.
What local bus standard was developed by Intel?
PCI (Peripheral Component Interface)
________ is a combination of hardware and software. It includes ROMs, PROMs, EPROMs and EEPROMs.
What makes up the TOTAL system BIOS?
The ROM BIOS on the system board and the BIOS on expansion cards
Name four things that can be carried on a Bus.
Electrical power, control signals, addresses and data.
Built-in software that determines what a computer can do without accessing programs from a disk is called____________?
What characteristic of the system board architecture determines the amount of memory that a CPU can address?
The number of lines assigned to the address bus.
Name four Buses.
ISA bus, EISA bus, USB and PCI bus
What is a good preventive maintenance measure to protect the printer?
Remove any bits of paper or dust that have accumulated. exchange toner.
How is disk mirroring different from disk duplexing?
Disk mirroring makes two copies of data, one to each of two hard drives, both of which work off of one drive controller card.

Disk duplexing does the same thing EXCEPT each drive has its own drive controller card.
List and describe three types of Viruses.
Boot sector virus: Hides in a program written to the boot sector of a disk or hard drive.

File virus: Hides in an executable file.

Macro virus: Hides in a macro that is part of a word processing document file.

Multipartite virus: A combination of a boot sector virus and a file virus.
When one hard drive can be removed and another installed without powering down the computer, this is called?
Hot swapping.
Explain how the child, parent, grandparent backup method for using tapes works.
Child backup made daily and rotated weekly with one tape devoted to each day of the week and reused on that day every week. Parent is made weekly and rotated monthly. Grandparent is made monthly and rotated yearly.
What is the external bus standard that supports data transfer rates of 12Mps
USB (Universal Serial Bus)
What rule must be followed when connecting the power supply cables to the system board?
For AT system boards, use the black-to-black rule. The black wires on one connector should face the black wires of the other connector, with all black wires in the center of the two connectors. For ATX system boards the P1 power connector will only go in one way.
Name the five form fators currently used by Intel to house its procssors in desktop PC's
SEP (Single Edge Processor)

SECC (Single Edge Contact Cartridge)

SECC2 (Single Edge Contact Cartridge, version 2)

PPGA (Plastic Pin Grid Array)

FC-PGA (Flip Chip Pin Grid Array)
What does AGP stand for?
Accelerated Graphics Port
What is the proper way to dispose of a battery pak from a notebook computer?
Return it to the original dealer, take it to a recycling center or contact your local county for local regulations for disposal.
List several LED connectors that are typically atached to a system board.
Reset switch, Turbo LED, break switch, hard drive LED, key lock, speaker and power LED.
What is a BUS?
A path on the system board that can carry electrical power, control signals, memory addresses and data.
What is the difference between CMOS and ROM BIOS?
CMOS requires battery backup.
As your computer is booting, you hear a single beep. What troubleshooting actions should you take?
NONE! a single beep indicated that the computer has sucessfully passed the POST
(Power On Self Test)
What local bus architecture was popular in PC's made in 1993 and 1994?
VESA Local Bus (VL-Bus)
Why is Dynamic RAM (DRAM) slower than Static Ram (SRAM)?
Dynamic RAM needs to be REFRESHED.
What term refers to the capability of a computer system to automatically configure expansion boards and other devices?
Plug and Play
When is it appropriate to have a slot 1 on a system board?
When using a Pentium II CPU.
List three things that should be done before moving or shipping a computer.
Unplug all cables and devices. Back up the hard drive. Back up CMOS. Package carefully.
What are the two most popular types of system board form factors?
ATX and AT system board form factors.
Name three CPU chip manufacturers.
Intel, AMD and Cyrix
What is the maximum number of IDE devices that can be installed on a system?
For EIDE systems, only four IDE devices can be installed.
What is a good preventive maintenance measure to protect CMOS setup?
Back it up to floppy.
True or false: ISA is always faster than PCI.
What must happen to a program that is stored on a hard drive before it can be executed?
The program must first be loaded into RAM.
What IRQ line is used by the Keyboard controller?
IRQ 1.
Where in Ram is the Vector Table loaded?
The Vector Table loads into the first 16K of Ram. Note that the first 16K of Ram is only flushed during a HARD BOOT!
True or False: An ISA expansion card can be either 8-bit or 16-bit.
How are differential backups different from full backups?
A full backup backs up the entire hard drive. A differential backup only backs up those files that have been CHANGED or CREATED since the last FULL backup.
Differential backups DO NOT clear the ARCHIVE attribute.
Where does the CPU look to find interupt handllers?
The Interrupt Vector Table or Vector Table.
What two form factors are used by the Pentium III?
SECC 2 using slot 1 and
FC-PGA using socket 370
name the four most popular input/output devices for a computer
Printer, monitor, mouse and keyboard
Assuming they occur at the same time, which IRQ would be processed first, IRQ 4 or IRQ 10?
IRQ 10 would be processed first because IRQ's 8-15 are all cascaded to IRQ 2.
What does POST stand for?
Power On Self Test
List three ways to catch a virus.
Using unauthorized or bootlegged software.

Downloading programs from the interent.

Using disks that have not been refomatted after initial use.

Using a PC that others have used before you without re-booting.
What key do you press to bring up the Windows 9x Startup Menu during the BOOT process?
Press the F8 key during the BOOT process.
What Windows 9x UTILITY allows you to see the IRQ assignments made to a device?
Device Manager
What IRQ line is used for a software interrupt?
NONE! Software interrupts don't use IRQ's!
What is the name of the bus between the processor and the L2 cache called
Backside Bus
What does RISC stand for?
Reduced instruction set computer.
A bus that works in sync with the CPU and system clock is called what?
A LOCAL or System bus.
Is floppy drive A attached to the middle cable connector or the end cable connector of the floppy drive cable?
Floppy drive A attaches to the END connector on the floppy drive cable.
List three symptoms or problems that might indicate that a virus is present on your machine.
The PC makes unusual sounds, File sizes change for no apparent reason, the available hard disk space decreases for no apparent reason, the CD-ROM drive is not accessible.
Where and when are SCSI terminating resistors attached?
Terminating resistors are attached to each end of the SCSI chain. They are used to reduce the amount of noise on the chain.
What was the first microprocessor capable of performing multitasking?
The Pentium by Intel
How many data bits are used in Real Mode?
16 Bits
List five port connectors that are typically built into most system boards today.
Keyboard, mouse, floppy drive, hard drive, serial port, parrallel port, video port, net port, modem port.
Name the four basic functions of a computer
Input, output, processing and storage
Name a type of software used to interface with hardware.
Device Driver
What are the two types of storage used in a computer?
Primary and secondary storage. Primary storage is temporary storage such as RAM. Secondary storage is permanent such as floppies and hard disks.
What does BIOS stand for?
Basic Input Output System
Name the two operating system modes.
Real Mode and Protected Mode.
What is a good preventive maintenance measure to protect keyboard?
Vacuum and clean surface. Keep food and drink away from it.
What will be the SCSI ID of a host adapter on the SCSI chain?
The host adapter uses SCSI ID 7.