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IRQ 0?
System Timer
IRQ 1?
IRQ 2?
Connects to IRQ 9.
IRQ 3?
COM 2 and COM 4
EVEN Serial Port
IRQ 4?
Com 1 and Com 3
ODD Serial Port
IRQ 5?
LPT 2 or Sound Card
IRQ 6?
Floppy Disk Controller.
IRQ 7?
LPT 1/Printer
IRQ 8?
Real Time Clock
IRQ 9?
Redirect with 2
IRQ 10?
Open Interrupt/USB Port
IRQ 11?
Open Interrupt/SCSI Cards
IRQ 12?
PS/2 Mouse Port
IRQ 13?
Math Coprocessor.
IRQ 14?
Primary IDE controller.
IRQ 15?
Secondary IDE controller