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The most significant barrier in therapy for a battered woman is?
distorted reality and low self-esteem
Lanore Walker: relationship batter is likely to remain stable as long as...
the cost of the abuse an the benefits of the "loving contrition" are roughly equal.
A woman is most likely to be abused when she's?
Woman comes in with 6 y.o. son. Reports being abused by husband, has never sought refuge. What should the therapists first intervention be?
referral to a safe house/shelter, where she and her child can go
working w/ couple, there's D.V., wife calls from shelter over wkend, where she went last evening. Husband calls to request a family session. You should?
Arrange to have the wife transported to your office
Which situation requires a therpist to report suspected child abuse?
15 year old girl is having consenual sex with a 22 year old man
With regards to spousal abuse the therapist is legally obligated to?
No legal obligation
In sexual abuse cases the perpratrator is usually?
someone known to the victim
The best intervention when a battered woman comes into therpy is to?
treat her in the exisitng relationship