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Why did Ji-li parents choose the name Ji-li. What does it mean?

Because it means lucky and beautiful

It means something

What was Julie emblem that she wore

A red scarf

What did most Chinese people believe about their leader Chairman Mao

That he is the most important

In this chapter we read about a lie Mao told his people. What was this life that Ji-li and all Chinese people believed.

That they won the Korean War.

Why does the Liberation Army soldiers visit Ji-li's school

To audition for the performing group

What do you think Ji-li's father means when he tells his daughter that she could not audition for the central Liberation Army Act Academy because of political considerations in the family's background. Do you think Julie understands what her father means?

There is a political problem in the family, she doesn't understand

What was Julie reaction to not being able to attend the audition

She is very sad and mad

Julie describes her family as lucky and special. What evidence does she provide to support her view of her family as privileged

They live in a big room rather than go home, have their own bedroom, and their father is an actor.

What type of figurative language is used here. What is the evidence of this figurative language. What might this foreshadow.

Simile, like, she might not be able to do what she dreamed

Ji-li often refer often refers to how life was different in the past. List at least two examples of how life used to be in Shanghai according to Ji-li?

Townhouses used to be for one family only, corpses of beggars lined the streets.

What were the four olds? Why did Chairman Mao want the 4 olds to be destroyed? What example does Ji-li give of destroying the four olds?

Culture, custom, ideas, habits. They were holding back China and the progression of things. She tore up a sign

The sign not breaking may be symbolic of what attitude of some of the older Chinese people.

Of how hard it might be to break their beliefs

Humiliation is a theme in this memoir. Find an example of a moment when someone was being humiliated. Who was being humiliated? By whom? For what reason?

When they were cutting the man's pants, the man, Red Guards, because his clothing was not the correct style.

What does red scarves symbolize

The blood of the revolutionaries

What is a da-zi-bao? What conflict did Julie confront when she was asked to write a da-zi-bao? What did she do?

A poster used to criticize someone, propaganda. She couldn't find anything bad to write about her teacher. She copied a newspaper article.

Julie remarks, the world has turned upside down. What had happened to make Julie feel this way.

It is a crime for students to respect teachers

For what reasons are people being targeted?

Revenge. Bourgeoisie are the most targeted.

What happened to Aunt Xi Wen.How does Ji-li react to this treatment of her aunt? How do you think she feels about her behavior?

Kids go to her house and make her post a da-zi-bao. She tries to hide. She does not want to participate

What is written about Ji-li in the da-zi-bao

That she has special relations with a teacher.

How would someone know if the information on the propaganda is true. how do you know if what you read is true. Should you just believe everything you read and hear.

You can never really know. They have all been lies. You should never believe what you read in here

How does she feel when helping Mao in destruction of the four olds.

She wants to participate in the breaking of the sign. She kind of wants to participate but not really in the pairing of the pants. She does not want to participate and hides when they are posting propaganda at aunt Xi Wens house.