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The boy ate quickly.
The girl ate quickly.
The boy and girl ate quickly.
Lisa was cooking.
Lisa was cleaning.
Lisa was cooking and cleaning.
I ate the cake.
I ate the ice cream.
I ate the cake and ice cream.
Bob might be chosen to lead the group.
Lisa might be chosen to lead the group.
Bob or Lisa will be chosen to lead the group.
Jack likes lemonade.
Jack likes milk.
Jack likes lemonade and milk.
I like swimming.
I like surfing.
I like swimming and surfing.
Don might drive his car.
Don might drive his truck.
Don migh drive his car or truck.
Sally might come on Wednesday.
Sally might come on Thursday.
Sally might come on Wednesday or Thursday.
Hank did the job quickly.
Hank did the job easily.
Hank did the job quickly and easily.