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Add sterile tryptone, a grow factor so that the inoculated bacterial culture will be in what phase?
the growth phase.
Would antibodies specific to the mitotic spindle apparatus would most likely recognize products of translation?
Yes b/c the spindle is composed of microtubles which are polymers of tubulin protein monomers.
Molds are (multicellular/unicellular)?
Yeasts are (multicellular/unicellular)?
What are the general characteristics of fungi?
eukaryotic, haploid for most of life cycle, and produce spores.
Striated skeletal muscle is innervated only by the ______ nervous system.
Sensory NS uses sensory neutrons to innervate ______ and interneurons to facilitate _______.
Sensory NS uses sensory neutrons to innervate blood vesselsand interneurons to facilitate neural control.
Motor neurons are simply neurons that carry info from the ___.
Central nervous system; Motor doesn't necessary refer to a nerve that innervates a muscle