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Things to decrease SIDS

Laying baby on side or back

Is a teenager at greater risk for pregnancy complications than an older mother?


Approximately what percentage of pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended?


What is the leading cause of mortality in children?

Unintentional injury

Approximately what percentage of teenaged girls gets pregnant at least once before the age of 20?


Abortions are mostly performed on

Unwed mothers

What is the primary unit that children and infants are nurtured and supported?


Title X serves ________ in family planning clinics

Predominately poor

What is the age range to classify adolescents and youth?


Death rates in adolescents and young adults have ______in recent decades


__________ American H.S. Students are more likely to use cigarettes


Examples of primary prevention for adults to help reduce cancer and cardiovascular disease are:

Exercise and nutrition programs

The greatest risk for injuries in adults involve:

Motor vehicles

The #1 cause of death in the adult age group is:


Homicide and suicide rates in adolescents and young adults have __________ in the last 50 years


Adolescent and young adulthood is critical in life health wise because?

Many beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are adopted and consolidated

What percentage of adults with hypertension are unaware that they have it?


Nearly half of all new STD cases are acquired in the _____ age group


Elder women or men are more likely to live alone?


What age group are the heaviest users of health care services?


What are the primary impairments affecting elders?

Sensory, physical, and memory

In the U.S. What age is considered senior citizen?


The largest income for seniors comes from what?

Social security

What are the leading causes of death for elders?

Heart disease, cancer, and CLRD (chronic lower respiratory disease)

What are examples of instrumental tasks?

Housekeeping, transportation, and assistance with business affairs

What are examples of daily living tasks?

Eating, bathing, and toileting

Immigrants are individuals who migrate from one country to another for?

Permanent residence

Today, most Americans are referred to as?

White Non-Hispanic

What factor is considered to be the most influential single contributor to premature morbidity and mortality?

Socioeconomic status

What are the 3 kinds of power associated with empowerment?

Social, political, and psychological.

What minority group has the lowest high school completion rate?


Many cultural traits in black Americans can be traced back to what time period in the U.S.?


Infant mortality data within the US are characterized by a disparity among:

Racial and ethnically minorities

The largest minority group in the U.S. is

Hispanic Americans

Asian Americans are more likely than white Americans to earn:

A college degree

Pacific Islanders refers to people from:

Hawaii, Guam, and Samoa