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Dan might drive his car.
Dan might drive his truck.
Dan might drive his car or truck.
Roger brings his lunch to work.
Roger eats his lunch at work.
Roger brings his lunch to work and eats it at noon.
I ate cake.
I ate ice cream.
I ate cake and ice cream.
Jack is happy.
Bill is happy.
Jack and Bill are happy.
I went swimming.
I went surfing.
I went swimming and surfing.
Bob was singing.
Bob was dancing.
Bob was singing and dancing.
Ann is not happy.
Mary is not happy.
Ann and Mary are not happy.
Henry likes to play the violin.
Henry likes to play the drums.
Henry likes to play the violin and drums.
Someone sat on my hat.
Someone sat on my shirt.
Someone sat on my hat and shirt.
Bob might be chosen to lead the group.
Lisa might be chosen to lead the group.
Bob or Lisa might be chosen to lead the group.
Sally might come on Wednesday.
Sally might come on Thursday.
Sally might come on Wednesday or Thursday.
I like the car.
I like the boat.
I like the car and the boat.
Rhonda rode on the bus.
Rhonda rode on the plane
Rhonda rode on the bus and plane.
Dan opened the front door.
Then, Dan walked outside.
Dan opened the front door and then, walked outside.
The house was dark.
It had a strange smell.
The house was dark and had a strange smell.
Ben needed to cook dinner.
He needed to clean the house.
Ben needed to cook dinner and clean the house.
Ellen was holding the toy.
She was laughing.
Ellen was laughing and holding the toy.
Linda got some books from her mother.
Linda gave the books to Sam.
Linda got some books from her mother and gave them to Sam.
Jack likes lemonade.
Jack likes milk.
Jack likes lemonade and milk.
Someone ate my cake.
Someone ate my apple.
Someone ate my cake and apple.
The door was old.
It had a small crack.
The door was old and had a small crack.
Tom paints on the paper.
Tom paints on the box.
Tom paints on the paper and the box.
The man has two cars.
He has three trucks.
The man has two cars and three trucks.
I like swimming.
I like surfing.
I like swimming and surfing.
Jessie rich.
Jessie is famous.
Jessie is rich and famous.
The doctor took off his belt.
He put the belt in the drawer.
The doctor took off his belt and put it in the drawer.
Ellie is not working.
Sam is not working.
Ellie and Sam are not working.
Bill is tall.
Bill is slim.
Bill is tall and slim.
The boys aren't eating.
The boys aren't drinking.
The boys aren't eating or drinking.
Carla is young.
Carla is strong.
Carla is smart.
Carla is young, strong, and smart.
The puppy chases the cat.
The puppy chases the mouse.
The puppy chases the cat and the mouse.
Sam goes to the library.
Sam goes to the grocery store.
Sam goes to the library and the grocery store
Betty will not talk.
Bob will not talk.
Betty and Bob will not talk.
Sally is hungry.
Tom is hungry.
Sally and Tom are hungry.
The boy ate quickly.
The girl ate quickly.
The boy and girl ate quickly.
Ellen laughs.
Tom laughs.
Ellen and Tom laugh.
The girl picked a flower.
The girl put the flower in a vase.
The girl picked a flower and put it in a vase.
I ate two pieces of pie.
I ate five cookies.
I ate two pieces of pie and five cookies.
Andy peeled the carrots.
He put the carrots on a plate.
Andy peeled the carrots and put them on a plate.
It was cold.
It was windy.
It was rainy.
It was cold, windy, and rainy.
Lisa was cooking.
Lisa was cleaning.
Lisa was cooking and cleaning.
Cindy is talking.
Karen is talking.
Cindy and Karen are talking.
Peter can't cook.
Alice can't cook.
Peter and Alice can't cook.
I like brown shoes.
I like red hats.
I like brown shoes and red hats.
Bill works in the store.
Tom works in the store.
Bill and Tom work in the store.
Dan is talking to Tom.
Dan can't hear the music.
Dan is talking to Tom and can't hear the music.
Bob wrote a note.
Alice wrote a note.
Bob and Alice wrote a note.
Carlos cut the cake.
Carlos put the cake on a plate.
Carlos cut the cake and put it on a plate.
Tina cooks lunch.
Tina cooks dinner.
Tina cooks lunch and dinner.
Edward is drinking.
Tom is drinking.
Edward and Tom are drinking.
Hank did the job quickly.
Hand did the job easily.
Hank did the job quickly and easily.
Mary won't come.
Cindy won't come.
Mary and Cindy won't come.
I play on Wednesday.
I play on Thursday.
I play on Wednesday and Thursday.
The brown dog was barking.
The brown dog was howling.
The brown dog was barking and howling.