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What was the common bond between Hawthorne and Melville?
They both saw the dark side of human existence and sought to record this aspect of human nature in their works.
What was the word "renaissance" used for?
It was used to describe the extraordinary explosion of American literary genius.
What did lyceum organizations include?
educating adults, training teachers, establishing museums, and instituting social reforms.
Who was a primary force behind the flowering of American culture?
Ralph Waldo Emerson
He helped to inspire numerous reform movements that aimed to improve what?
public education, slavery, and the status of women.
Emeron's utopian group became known as _________________.
The Transcendental Club
What is transcendental?
the idea that in determining the ultimate reality of God, the universe, the self, and other important matters, one must transcend every day human experience in the physical world.
What was transcendentalism for Emerson?
The very oldest thoughts cast into the mold of these new times.
Transcendentalists were ____________, but in a broader, more practical sense.
Emerson's outlook on life was _____________.
What is intuition?
our ability to learn directly without conscious use of reasoning
Emerson also emphasized the importance of the _____________.
What things did the Dark Romantics have in common with the Transcendentalists?
They both believed in intuition over reason, sign and symbols in human events, and spirtual facts that lie behind the appearance of nature.
How are the Dark Romantics and Transcendentalists different?
The Dark Romantics acknowledged the existence of swin, pain, and evil in human life while the Transcendentalists didn't.
The DRs explored what?
the conflict between good and evil, the psychological effects of guilt and sin, and madness.
Trancendentalist saw _________ as a doorway to a mystical world holding important truths.
Melville claimed that in ____________ America was very close to producing its own Shakespeare.
In ____________ bookstore, women would hold intellectual meetings.
Elizabeth Peabody
What women insisted establishing schools for women so women could be educated?
Emily Willard
This women was a transcendentalism, She wrote reviews, was an editor for Dial magazine, and gathered the meetings at Elizabeth Peabody's bookstore.
Magaret Fuller