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Cold War

in the aftermath of World War 2, two superpowers emerged, the United States and the Soviet Union. During the Cold War they competed with each other for influence in the world.


a system of of economics were government decides all basic questions, such as where you work, how much things cost, how many items to produce, etc.

Capitalism/Free Enterprise

Economic system of the U.S.A, based on the idea of Freedoms, choices, people make key decisions. example, supply and demand people determine prices based on their eagerness to buy the product.

Great leap Forward

Program started under Mao Zedong of China, where the Chinese started taking peasants off the farms to put them in factories in hopes of creating more wealth for China. millions of people died.

Berlin Wall

Wall built by the Soviet Union in Germany to prevent people from leaving Communist controlled East Berlin.

5 year plans

economic plans created by the Communist government detailing what the country will make, trade, 5 years ahead of time. Once the plan is made it is difficult to change it, meaning that if a drought occurs, and you cant make as much food as your predicted you would how will you feed your people?

Warsaw Pact

alliance created by the Soviet Union, made up of the Soviet Union and countries from Eastern Europe such as Poland, Romania, etc. Alliance was created to protect the Soviets from America.

NATO(North atlantic Treaty organization)

alliance created by the United States and Western European countries such as France, Great Britain, etc aimed at protecting Europe from the Soviet Union and Communism.

Marshall Plan

program created by the United States aimed at giving money to countries destroyed by World War 2. Idea was that a strong country would not become communist.

Domino theory

if one country becomes communist eventually all of them will fall like Dominoes.