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An Internal Construct, living in your brain.
Template Matching
Compute a match between the image you are viewing and a concept in your head.
The Gestalt Approach
Biases for perceiving things in particular ways, in particular, segregating figure from ground.
We tend to believe nearby things go together (Gestalt)
We tend to believe that similar looking things go together (Gestalt)
Feature Extraction: Selfidge's Pandimonium model
multilevel. At lowest level Daemon's shout at a feature they like, at higher levels they shout at combinations of features they like.
Marr's Computational Theory
Combines Template matching an Feature Extraction
Step1: Raw Primal sketch;what you're looking at
Step2: 2.5 Dimensional Sketch-tries to encoge 3rd info, but only from the P.O.V. of the person looking at it.
Step3: 3rd sketch generated form 2.5 D sketch
Biederman's RBC model
Simple shapes, like cones, cylinders, and prisms can be used to construct more complex shapes
Bottom-up processing
Low-level visual info (edges and lines) get integrated and become a perceptual object
top-down processing
high-level info about what we already know to inform our low-level vision
The word-superiority effect
It is often easier to identify a letter in the context of a word than when it's presented individually
Interactive Activation Model
Neural network attempt to account for the word superiority effect
The Constructivist View
Perception for recognition. Our perceptions are incomplete and require us to use our previously stored knowledge to construct correct perception. Irvin Rock, Richard Gregory.
Re-entrant Processing
Similar to top-down processing.
Something you add after a stimulus is percieved that may disrupt your cognitive ability to process it.
Gibsonian View
Perception for action, most perception is direct. J.J Gibson, Bingham, Turvey, Todd
The form of most objects suggests their use.
Handy study
Participants perform another task while occaisionally another object is shown to them. If the object affords something, those that form grasping cause brain activation in the occipital lobe.
Perspective Constancy Theory
The picture is perceived as if it were and impoverished version of a greater whole
Dorsal visual system
The "where it is" pathway
Faster than Ventral
guides visually guided behavior: pointing, reaching
More viewer centered
"What is it"
Involved with recognition and identification
Better at proccessing fine detail
More object centered
Dorsal is
Perception for Action
Ventral is
Perception for Recognition
Cole and Hughs LBFS
Suggest not only sensory conspicuity is important but also attentional conspicuity
Have a sense of where all your limbs are
Good sense of movement throughout your body
If you close your eyes and pick up a hammer you have a sense of where it will hit.
Broadbent's Filter/Bottleneck
there exists a type of audio filter in our brain that selects which channel we should pay attention to from the many kinds of sounds perceived. Broadbent proposed that the filter was hypothesized between the sensory buffer and short-term store (what is now called working memory) that prevents overloading memory.
Treisman's Feature Integration Theory
Step 1: Find all trivial Features
Step 2:Utilize Attention to conjoin the features

we can see a difference between serial and parallel processing
Shiffrin and Schneider
Automatic processes have no capacity limitation( can be processed in parallel)
Require no attention
Are hard to modify
Have no capacity limit
Controlled processes
require attention
Are flexible
Have limit capacity
Consistent Mapping
target is always a target, never a distractor
Varied Mapping
shows evidence of serial search, consistent mapping looks parallel