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Cognitive processes

1) Attention

2) Perception and Recognition

3) Memory

4) Learning

5) Reading, speaking, listening

6) Problem solving, Planning, reasoning, Decision making


Process of selecting things to concentrate on, at a point in time, from the range of possibilities to choose from


How information is aquired from the environment via the senses


Recalling various forms of knowledge that allow us to act appropriately


i) how to use a computer-based application

ii) using a computer based application to understand a given topic

(carroll 1990)

Reading, Speaking, Listenting

Forms of language processing.


people prefer listening to reading

written language is permanent / listening is transient

Reading is quicker

Listening require less cognitive effort

Problem solving, plannning, reasoning, decision making

Processes involving reflective cognition.

Thinking about the what to do, what the options are and what the consequences are.

conscious processes.