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Opiates Mechanism

-inhibit transfer of info btwn sensory neurons and ascending neuron (to brain)

-also in parts of the brain

Opiate Receptors

-Mu (µ)

-Kappa (K)

-Delta (δ)

Opiate Major Effects

-CNS (analgesia, sedation, euphoria, pupillary constriction)

-Respiratory Depression

-Cough suppressant


-Decrease GI motility, absorption, bile secretion

-Bladder wall relaxation

-Decrease Uterine Contractions

Detection of Opiate Addiction

-use opiate receptor antagonist to initiate withdrawal



Opiate Overdose Triad of Signs

-Pinpoint pupils

-Respiratory depression


Opiate Overdose non-triad symptoms


-Skeletal Muscle Flaccidity