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Rule 1106 - Work Project Protection.

You Have a GBO item giving work project protection to an employee on the main track between MP 418 and MP 419. What must be done before entering these limits.
Unless othewise provided, the employee must be contacted before entering the location indicated.
Rule 529A Activation Failure
When you are notified of a activation failure at a public crossing, and there is no properly equipped flagman or uniformed law enforcement officer available what must you do?
1. Stop before entering crossing.
2.Place lighted fusees on each side of the crossing
529B False Activation
When notified of a false activation, and there is no properly equipped flagman or uniformed law enforcement officer(railroad or police)available to provide warning at the crossing what must be done?
1. proceed into the crossing at 15 mph until the leading end of the train completely occupies the crossing. Then proceed at normal speed.
2. If shoving, crossing must not be occupied until visible warning has been provided to motorists by a crew member on the ground at the crossing.
Rule 833
At a signal displaying a Stop indication, the stop must be made before any part of the train passes the signal. If a train overruns any signal that requires it to stop, what must the crew do?
1. warn other trains at once by radio.
2. Stop the train immediately
3. Report it to the train dispatcher.
Rule 407
yellow-red flags warn a train of what.
1. Planned work limits, and will be place 2 miles in advance of the restricted area.
Rule 413
Locomotives must not be operated as lead units on trains out of a train's initial terminal unless both ditch lights are operating.

However, if no locomotives are equipped with ditchlights, train my proceed, but must not exceed 20 MPH until head end passes over public grade crossings.
Rule 408
what must you do when a red flag is encountered without a corresponding GBO item.
Stop the train consistatent with good train handling, contact the train dispatcher, and be governed by the dispatchers instructions.
Rule 407
when a yellow-red flag is encountered whithout a corresponding GBO item, the train must?
Proceed prepared to stop 2 miles beyond the yellow-red flag. if a red flag is displayed, be governed by rule 408. If there is no
red flag the train my proceed at Restricted Speed until the train dispatcher confirms that no Planned Work is in effect at that location.
Rule 842
If a train has entered a block on a proseed indication that does not requier restricted speed, and the train stops or is delayed in the block, the train must proceed how;
1. ABS
2. CTC
1. ABS, proceed at restricted speed until the next signal is visible, that signal displays a proceed indication, and the track to that signal is clear.
2. CTC, proceed prepared to stop at the next signal until the next signal is visible and that signal displays a proceed indication.
Rule 841
A train my comply with the next signal's indication when the aspect can be clearly seen and the signal governs the track where movements will be made.
True or False
True, unless the previous signal indication requires movement at restricted speed.
Rule 5
At crew change locations on run-through trains, the inbound engineer and conductor must inform the outbound crew of what information?
1. Defective Equipment Detector readings.
2. Unintentional emergency brake applications
3. Defective cars
4. Equipment requiring special handling
5. Locomoives requiring inspection
6. Consists and air Slips