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Letters are normally sent in what size envelope?
No. 10
Square rigid disk holds data

floppy disk
Hard drive may contain data, operating system, programs, or files?

Hard drive
Small device used to store data

jump, thumb, or flash drive

Files put in alphabetical order

alphabetical filing

Color of tabs for filing alphabetically

red=A-D, lavender=E-H, yellow=I-M, blue=N-Q, green=r-z

Simple numeric system of assigning consecutive numbers to new patient?

numeric filing

Records indexed according to subject and then filed either alphabetically or numerically?

subject filing

Used to alert the MA of data-sensitive actions that need to be taken?

tickler file

Use of computers expanding into the records management field?

electronic data processing

central processing

subjective impression, objective clinical information, assessment or diagnosis, plan for treatment, further studies, or other medical management

source-oriented medical record

Correcting a error in medical record
draw single line through, make correction, initial and date

health insurance portability and accountability act

Most common method of scheduling. Patients are scheduled at separate times.

stream (time-specified)

Method of scheduling, a number of patients are scheduled for the same time, with patients seen by the physician in the order of arrival in the office?

Schedule is used to meet extended time needs of certain patients? example three routine visits may be scheduled on the hour and one new patient visit or a complete physical scheduled on the 1/2 hour

modified wave
Two or more patients scheduled at the same time?

double booking
Patients are directed to come into the office in a specified time range, such as 1-3pm?

open booking
Patients are scheduled in groups?


Used to mail general business correspondence weighing less than 13 ounces?

first class mail
Used for mail within the US for parcels over 13 ounces but less than 70 pds?

priority mail
Used when the delivery schedule for first class or priority mail is not fast enough? additional fees
express mail
Sent first class with additional fee, guarantee that the item mailed is delivered by requiring that the recipient sign for delivery?

certified mail