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In the impeachment process against the president, the------- determines the guilt or innocence of the president.
What territory gained independence in 1836?
The whiskey Rebellion of 1794 protested
a 25 percent tax on whiskey
The Federal Constitution
Counted 3/5 of slaves for purposes of representation
Historians believe the Brithis trade regulations during the colonial period
Provided both advantages and disadvantages for the American colonies.
The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 established what precedent new territories.
Equality of new states with old
The American Revolutionaries gained help from?
Those who opposed ratification of the Constitution were called
Patroons were
Owners of large tracts of land in New Netherlands
The largest city in the Southern colonies was
The American colonist were able to control the power of the Royal governors through what means?
The assemblies controlled grants of money to be spent by the colonial governments.
"Popular sovereignty" mean that
The states would decide themselves whether to be slave or free
While Chief Justice John Marshall presided over the Supreme Coourt, its decisions
Laid the grooundwork foor a "broad" interpretation oof the constitution.
George Washington responded to the Whiskey Rebellion in the Western counties of Pennsylvania by
Sending an army larger than any he had ever commanded in the Revolution to put down the revolt.
The Webster--Ashburtonnn Treaty of 1842
Was concerned in part with joint Anglo-American efforts to supress the African slave trade.