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A state's high court is?
State supreme court

Most criminal cases are prosecuted in ______court
District/superior courts

Appellate courts are responsible for?
Hearing appeals

Approximately how many cases does the US Supreme Court hear each year?

The judge's responsibility is to ensure that the trial proceeds according to the rules of?
Due process

How can a federal judge lose his or her job?
244 Congress can impeach them

Who decides whether a suspect is charged with a crime?
Prosecutors aka District Attorneys

Who is considered the state's head law enforcement officer
Attorney General
Prosecutors are responsible for what?
Responsible to prove all elements of a criminal charge beyond a reasonable doubt

In a state death penalty case, who decides whether the death penalty will be sought?
The prosecutor

The eighth amendment protects citizens from?
Excessive bail; cruel and unusual punishment

The latin phrase habeas corpus translates to?
"you have the body"

One of the duties of probation officers is to complete a ______, which contains information that judges use when sentencing defenders
(PSI) presentence investigation report, that provides the court with the basis for making a sentencing decision by including a personal history of the offender, often a victim impact statement, and recommendation for sentencing

A punishment inflicted on a person who deserves to be “punished” achieve the goal of?

People who feel that we should “lock criminals up and throw away the key” are promoting?

A sentence that includes drug and alcohol treatment and mental health treatment in an effort to aid an offender in changing his or her life is focused on the goal of?

Studies have found that ____ have received harsher sentences than whites for similar crimes
p.298 Blacks

As a result of the holding in Furman v. Georgia, over 600 inmates on death row???
were commuted to life imprisonment, led to the development states having a of a 2 stage trial

Evidence that an offender is the victim of abuse, has a mental illness, or is a first-time offender are examples of
mitigating factors

An especially heinous murder would be an example of a/an
aggravating factors

When it comes to supporting the death penalty versus life in prison, U.S citizens feel how?
The public is evenly divided when it comes to supporting the death penalty (48%) versus life in prison (47%)

Which of the following statements best describes the cost of executing offenders?

It cost more to execute offenders than life imprisonment because of the extraordinary judicial processes required in capital punishment

A writ of habeas corpus is what?
A written judicial order requiring that a prisoner’s case be reviewed in court to determine if he is being held unconstitutionally

What are the goals of sentencing?




Housing sexually violent predators in secure psychiatric facilities even after they have completed prison is referred to as
mentally disordered sex offenders (MDSO) laws p.301

preventive detention and civil commitment ??

If you were charged with a minor offense and sentenced to less than one year of incarceration, you would most likely be incarcerated where?

The majority of jail inmates are in what phases of incarceration?
in the beginning process; jails house pretrial individuals, or those serving short term sentences
Which inmates are most likely to be housed in a supermax prison?
-high level violence prisoners

-high ranking gang members

-high escape prisoners

-antagonist/antisocial personalities

- the "worst of the worst"

Suppose you have been convicted of aggravated assault and incarcerated. Because of violence you have committed against other inmates while in prison, you are transferred to a supermax prison for the remainder of your sentence. Once you complete your sentence, you are most likely to be released to where?

directly into the community

The process of determining which inmates go to which institutions and what the specific conditions of their confinement will be is referred to as what?
Upon entering prison, most inmates go through a process where they learn and adopt the values and norms of the prison. Some of these values and norms include not portraying themselves as weak or needy, not associating with corrections officers, and not snitching on others. The norms and values of prisons that inmates learn is referred to as what?
Prison gangs are also referred to as what technical term?
security threat group (STG); inmates who, when they collaborate, can jeopardize the institution's security
There are three main ways in which drugs enter prison. What are they?
-Correctional personnel



What is an explanation for the rapid increase in the population of female inmates in the United States?
-increase in crime rate for woman

-drug epidemic

-"get tough" movement and harsher policies for dealing with crime

-mandatory sentencing

The majority of the cost of confining senior citizens in prisons and jails can be attributed to what?

the cost of health care

Beginning in the 1950s, most of the mental health hospitals and the United States were closed, and mentally ill individuals were returned to the community. The process of closing mental hospitals and returning the mentally ill to the community is called what?
The agency that deports criminal aliens from the United States is what?
ICE- U.S bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Many states impose restrictions on convicted felons after they are released from prison. What are these restrictions?
Losing the righ to:


-serve on a jury

-be a witness

-own a firearm

-if applicable lose practice licenses like therapist, doctor, lawyer etc.

Glenn was driving home from work one evening when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver. Glenn's family is the _____ victim in this incident.
secondary victim
Research has indicated that women who stay in shelters:

a) experience more incidence of violence

b) experience more severe violence

c) experience fewer incidents of violence

d) often return to the abusive partner

Those who stay in stay in a shelter experience fewer and less intense incidents of new violence.

When a rape or sexual assault victim comes into a hospital to be examined, a ____ will usually be conducted to preserve evidence
A sexual assault nurse will conduct a forensic exam that produce a "rape kit" to collect evidence
What difficulties occur in Outreach and Community Education of victims’ services?
Lack of knowledge about available services can stem from:

-language barriers

-immigration status

-cultural views on assistance against abusers

-others include: race, geography, disability, and sexual orientation

The greatest percentage of victim compensation funds pay for what?
Medical expenses (53%)
What is the “ intelligence recipe”

Data information + Analysis = Intelligence

A crowd differs from a mob how?

crowd: a group of individuals drawn together by common values and feelings about a current matter. Unorganized and without a leader, led by collective reason is aware of the law , and generally respects its principles

mob: like a crowd drawn together by common values however it is not law abiding, has a leader, and is ruled by emotion

Law enforcement is responsible for what when fighting terrorism?
-protection of the community

-emergency response

-intelligence gathering and sharing