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Which organization helped fund the early development of the Internet?
U.S Department of Defense
Which one of the following best describes the function of a router?
A. A router connects a computer to a network.
B. A router helps send network signals on a good connection.
C. A router connects to the Internet by telephone.
D. A router connect LANs to other LANs.
D. A router connects LANs to other LANs.
Which one of the following numbers should never appear in an IP address?
A. 0
B. 100
C. 178
D. 256
D. 256 . IP numbers only go up to 255.
In what form does TCP/IP send information?
A. Dotted quads
B. Hexadecimals
C. Bytes
D. Packets
How many IP addresses are currently possible?
4 billion
IPv6 addresses supposrt how many bits?
128 bit addresses.
Which one of the following items is not required to support an Internet client?
A. An internet connection
B. An operating system
D. Internet addresses
Which one of the following is the best description of a network access point?
A. Connection between two computers.
B. Connection point between two LANs.
C. Connection point between two office networks.
D. Connection point between two very high-speed networks.
Which of the following describes a large database containing image and text files linked to each other by references?
A. Client/server system
B. Gopher
D. Hypertext
D Hypertext
What is another name for an HTTP server?
Web Server
Which of the following is best suited for transferring large files from one Internet computer to another?
D. Gopher
FTP is the fastest way.
John wants to rad his email on his PC. To set up his email client, he needs to know which of the following?
A. POP3 server name
B. SMTP server name
C. NNTP server name
D. E-mail address
A. POP3 server name.
What Internet service maps and easily remembers identifiers to an IP address?
A. Client/server model
C. Domain Name System
D. The network architecture
C. Domain Name System
The group into which a domain is categorized by a common topic or a geographic location is called what?
A. Host
B. Top-level domain
C. IP address
D. Server
B. Top-level domain
ICANN is the organization that defines which of the following?
B. Network topologies
C. Domain name registration
D. Web browser design
C. Domain name registration.