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What is a MIME system
Short for Multipurpose Internet mail Extensions. The system that web servers and clients use to communicate about the types of files they're transferring. Mime identifies the file type of an e-mail attachement
What is an Alias
A nickname or an alternate name
What are permissions
The settings you configure on servers and server operating systems (or both) to restrict or allow a user access to system resources
What three areas do permission settings usually restrict
Read, Write, and Execute
What does the read permission give the user the right to do
see a files content
What does the write permission give a user the right to do
Save a file on the server
What does the Execute permission give a user the right to do
To run programs on the server
Open access to a document is called what?
What 2 main methods can you use to password protect pages
User Accounts and Database
What is password sniffing
Hackers using programs to figure out your passwords
How do you prevent password sniffing
Encrypt passwords as they're being transferred between the client and the server
What is a server log
A RECORD OF WHICH USERS ACCESS OR TRY TO ACCESS WHICH RESOURCES AND HELPS administrators determine which users are using which resources and which resources are most popular
What 3 main types of data do Server logs store
Access data, Referrer Data and Error data
What is Access Data
This keeps tracks of client that are making requests
What is Referrer data
This tracks the web pages visitors are viewing when making a request to access Web pages
What is Error data
Logs errors that occur during user requests
Explain the following terms

Proxy servers can cache (make a copy and store it on the server) commonly used web pages so the server doesn't have to access the internet and download the page every time someone on the network wants it.
Ip masking
The proxy server essentially replaces a computer's IP address with the address of the proxy server making it appear as if an internet request originated from the proxy server even though it didn't.
Proxy serves can log user request
Firewall protection
Firewalls are software and/or hardware additions to a network that help prevent unauthorized users from entering a network
Filtering is a process that allows network administrators to deny access to certain urls and IP addresses to any or all clients in the network
Enhanced administration
Enhanced administration allows network administrators more control of company servers through logging, monitoring, reporting and configuring tools.
Ftp servers allow users to tranfers files between computers (even if they're on seperate networks) using FTP. T or F
What is UuCODING?
The precursor to MIME. It identifies and labels file types, but MIME is more efficient so it has largely replaced Uucode.
How can you automatically forward messages to everyone in a given distribution list
By using mailing list servers also called reflectors
What are 3 main types of newsgroups
Public, Moderated, Private intranet/extranet
What is a Public newsgroup
open to everyone with no restrictions on content
What is a Moderated Newsgroup
All messages are reviewed before they're posted, to ensure they're are relevant and nonoffensive
What are Private Newsgroups
They are accessible only to users on an intranet/extranet
What does certificate servers do
Keep information on a network secure using encryption technology
What does Directory servers do
Create directories of all resources on a network so authenticated users can easily access them
What are two protocols that directory servers can use
X.500 and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
What is X.500
An early protocol used by directory servers to manage user and resource directories
What is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
Protocol used by directory servers
easier to use, compatiable with tcp/ip
more efficient at allowing access within networks and over the Internet
What are catalog servers
Servers that allow users to access resources such as databases and other files
What is the key difference between a catalog server and a directory server
A catalog server allows users to use one central access point ti search for data distributed across a network
What are media servers
Allow the transmission of streaming media
What is the protocol used on media servers
User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
What are 2 main components that the DNS are comprised of
Name server - Resolve Web Addresses to IP addresses
Name Resolver - If the domain name server can't find the web address requested the name resolver kicks in and searches other domain name servers on the same hierarchel level
What are the three categories of domain name servers
Root, Primary and secondary
What is Root
Contain databases with the locations of top-level domains
What is primary
Keeps track of wen sites with the top-level domains
What is scondary
Acts as a backup for the primary service
What is a name daemon
It allows a unix computer to act as a domain name server
What is load distribution
Distributing the workload between client and server