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Jim Crow

Laws or Policies enforcing segregation


Ensures equality of colored people

Plessy vs. Ferguson

Case that upheld the "separate but equal doctrine"

Brown vs. Board of Education

A case that was requesting non segregated schools

Montgomery Bus Boycott

African Americans refused to sit in segregated buses

Rosa Parks

Refused her seat to a white woman

Claudette Colvin

Civil Rights activist who refused her seat to a white woman


Form of protest started in the 1960s


Formed to give younger blacks a voice in the movement

Freedom Riders

Both white and African American people chose to sit next to each other violating the Jim Crow laws

Black Panthers

Practiced self defense against government

Children's March

Children who walked the Civil Rights movement

Occupation of Alcatraz

Native Americans wanted to take back Alcatraz their native land

Second Wave of Feminism

Peak of the movement

Miss America Pageant Protest, 1968

Protest against the beauty standards or women

Title IX

Prohibits sexual discrimination in school

Roe vs. Wade

An issue to ban prohibition of abortion

Equal Rights Amendment

To guarantee equal rights for women

United Farm Workers movement

To get equal pay and better living standards

Cesar Chavez

Labor leader for the United Farm workers

Dolores Huerta

Labor leader for the United Farm workers