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What is a political party?
An organization of citizens who have similar views on issues and who work to put their ideas into effect through government action
What is a democrat?
A member of a political party that believes in a larger federal government system to provide for all citizens especially the disadvantaged.
What is a republican?
A member of a political party that believes in a smaller federal government system and that the states or the people should have most of the power
What is an independent?
People who do not align with either of the two major parties, and who choose their own agenda based on their own beliefs.
What is a third party?
Minor parties that arise on occasion and stand for one particular issue.
What is a campaign?
An organized effort to obtain public office
What is a two-party system?
A political system with two strong political parties- in the United States, Democrats and Republicans.
What is a platform?
The principles or ideas that a group stands for and supports.
What is a majority?
One over half- the group with the most members.
What is a liberal?
A person who is open-minded or not strict in the observance of traditional forms or ways.
What is a conservative?
A person who prefers gradual development as opposed to abrupt change; a person who prefers the traditional forms or ways
What is a Political Action Committee?
The political arm of an interest group that raises money to support candidates and parties that back the PAC's positon on issues
What is an interest group?
An organization of people with common interests who try to influence government policies and decisions.
What is voter registration?
The process of signing up to vote
What are voter qualifications?
The requirements that a citizen must meet to be eligible to vote
What are Op-Ed pieces?
Opinion-Editorial writings that express a viewpoint-usually found in newspapers or magazines
What is the electoral college?
The group of electors who cast the official votes that elect the president and vice-president
What were the two groups during the Colonial period of American history? What did each group support
The Tories favored England and the Whigs favored the colonies
When were the first real political parties developed and why?
1787 with the need to ratify the newly written constitution
Who were the federalists and what did they support?
The federalists supported a strong central government. They consisted of Northern bankers, merchants, and bussinessmen like Alexander Hamilton
What was the name that the anti-federalists later adopted and what did this party support?
The Democratic Republicans supported stronger states rights.
What was the name that Andrew Jackson gave to the Democratic Republicans and give three primary goals of this party.
Democrats supported US expansion, extending voting rights, and providing more opportunities for ordinary citizens
Which political party supported the abolishment of slavery during the Civil War era?
What groups of people were attracted to the Democratic Party during the Great Depression?
Eastern immigrants, southern and western farmers, African Americans, urban dwellers, labor union members, and intellectuals supported the Democratic party.
What is a polticial campaign?
A political campaign is when a person decides that they want to serve in an elected position and then tries to get votes from their community, state, or nation depending on the type of office they wish to serve
How are political campaigns funded?
Personal money, donations, special interest groups annd Political action committee funding
What are four effects of rising campaign costs?
-Requires candidates to conduct extensive funraising activities
-Limits the opportunities to run for office
-Encourages the development of political action committees
-Give issue-oriented special interest groups increased influences
How does the media play a role in the political process?
Identifying candidates
Emphasizing selected issues
Writing editorials
Creating political cartoons
Publishing op-ed pieces
Broadcasting different points of view
What are the requirements in Virginia to become a registered voter?
Be a US citizen
Be a resident of Virginia
Be 18 years old by the next general election
Have had your voting rights restored if you have ever been convicted of a felony
Have had your capacity restored if you have ever been declared mentally incapacitated in a Circuit Court
When is the cut off date for registering to vote in Virginia?
29 days before the election
Where must your registration form be turned in order to become a registered voter?
Form must be turned in to the county or city voter registration office or DMV
What is the penalty for voter registration fraud?
A penalty of up to 10 years of imprisonment, or up to 12 months in jail, and fined up to $2,500
How many Electors does each state receive?
The total number of electors a state receives is equal to tne number of US representatives and US senators that the state has in Washington.
What is the total number of electors?
Who determines how the electors in our state will vote?
The people of the state cast their votes at their local election precincts. The votes are counted in most cases the candidate who wins the majority of the votes wins all of the electoral votes (winner takes all)
How many votes are needed to have a majority in the electoral college?
What happens if no candidate gets the 270 votes needed for a majority?
If no candidate wins the majority of the electoral votes then the US House of Representatives will decide the outcome with each state casting one vote.
Name the 7 ways political parties play a key role in government and in the democratic process
-Provides citizens a voice in government
-Keep citizens informed about important issues
-Offer a variety of ways to get citizens involved in political process
-Select candidates for many public offices
-Establish positions on issues and set goals for the government
-Provide day to day leadership in government
-Serve as "watch dogs" of government by keeping an eye on each other