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The type of government practiced in the United States?
Representative Democracy
The document which lists the reasons the American colonists wanted to break away from England and be a free country?
Declaration of Independence
The name of the United States' first written plan of government?
Article s of Confederation
Term that describes a system where the powers of government are divided between the national, stat, and local levels?
Type of government in which the people elext representatives to the government?
Representative Democracy
In which famous U S document is the following passage found, "all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."?
Declaration of Independence
Type of government where one leader has total power and they gain their postion of power by birth into a royal family:
Type of government where one leader has total pwer and they gain their position of pwer illegally, often by force
Type of government where a small group of people rule:
The branch of government that enforces or carrries out laws
Branch of government that reviews or interprets laws, punished lawbreakers, or determines if laws are unconstitutional:
Branch of government that makes laws
Name of the first ten amendments to the the U S Constitution
Bill of rights
The preamble is
the introduction to the Constitution
Term that describes a system in which each branch of government watches ober the others to keep one branch from misusing or gaining too much power
Checks and balances
The division of roles between the three branches of government is called
Separation of powers
The head of the House of Representatives
The government official that signs a bill into law
The house of Representatives and Senate together known as
Each state is represented by _____ U S senators
Discussion by legislators in Congress to support or oppose a bill:
U S House of Representatives serve how many years in one term of office
What is the first step in the process of lawmaking in Congress
a member of congress writes and introduces the bill