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By reading a party platform, you can learn about the party's
beliefs and positions on election issues
How does a candidate who is not a Democrat or a Republican get his or her name of the ballot for a general election?
submit a petition
Thomas Jefferson believed that strong state governments would protect individual rights better than a strong national government because states are
closer to the citizens
A breakaway group of Democrats and Whigs formed the Republican Party in 1854 because they tended to
oppose slavery
In the United States, third parties are also called minor parties because they
have never won a presidential election.
Which of the following countries is governed by a one-party system?
The description of a political party's position on election issues is called a
To win a primary election in most states, a candidate must receive a
plurality of the votes
The purpose of the "watchdog" role is to
make sure that the winning party does not abuse its power
An example of a political party that formed around a single issue was the
Prohibition Party
Which policy is today's Republican party most likely to support?

Which of the following regions of the United States has traditionally supported the party that believes the government should be more involved in regulating the economy?
the Northeast
What is one benefit of a closed primary
It prevents people from other parties from nominating a weak candidate
Which of the following statements would most likely be in the Democratic Party Platform?
We need to spend more money on education
In Florida, voters need to register with the party of their choice 30 days before a primary election, and then the only primary they can vote in is that of the party they registered with. What type of primary system does Florida have?
New York CIty's Tammany Hall was an example of a ___.
political machine
The Democratic Party tends to ___ government programs for housing and jobs.
Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists believed in a ___ federal government.
In a closed primary, ___ can vote to choose candidates to run for election
only party members
A party's ___ describes its core beliefs and positions on different issues.
Winning a ___ of votes means that more than half of the voters choose that candidate.
Presidential and vice-presidential candidates are nominated at ___.
national political conventions
only the declared members of a party are allowed to vote for that party's nominees
closed primary
paper signed by voters declaring support for a candidate
smaller, minor party
third party
type of government that has two major political parties
two-party system
voters do not need to declare their party preference in order to vote for the party's nominees
open primary
believed in a strong national government
Alexander Hamilton
first Republican ever elected President
Abraham Lincoln
led a third party in the 1900s
Ross Perot
political party that favored limited powers for the national government