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Machine Catalog

When do you R-Click on a catalog & "Upgrade Catalog"

After you've upgraded the VDA on it's machines to a newer version.

Machine Catalog

How do you revert to the previous version of a master image?

Select the machine catalog & choose "Rollback Machine Update"

Machine Catalog

How do you undo a machine catalog upgrade?

Select the catalog. In the details pane below, click "UNDO".


a.) Where do you configure multiple sites for Director (to manage Xenapp & Xendesktop in a single Director server)?

b.) And what setting?

a.) In IIS, under default website/director/"Configure Application Settings"

b.) ServiceAutoDiscoveryXA /

ServiceMultiSite = TRUE

VDA Remote Assistance

Is Windows "Remote Assistance" necessary for shadowing?

And if so, when is it installed (& firewall ports opened at the same time)?


During the VDA install.

Director Dashboard

What are the 3 "failure" panels?

1.) User Connection Failures

2.) Failed Desktop OS Machines

3.) Failed Server OS Machines.

Director Dashboard

What are the 3 bottom panels?

1.) Sessions Connected

2.) Average Logon Duration

3.) Infrastructure

Director Dashboard

What does the infrastructure panel show (2)?

Hypervisor Hosts &

Delivery Controllers

XenCenter Metrics

Where do you view performance data in XenCenter?

Performance tab.

XenCenter Metrics

How long is historical data kept for?

1 Year

XenCenter Metrics

How do I create graphs?

Performance Tab / New Graph

XenCenter Metrics

What 2 ways do I access alerts?

1.) System Alerts, Top Right Corner in the console

2.) On the properties of the Server or VM Alerts tab.

PVS Monitoring

How do I capture PVS logs?

CDFMonitor Utility

PVS Monitoring

How do you monitor vDisk replication?

R-Click on the vDisk / Replication Status

PVS Monitoring

How do I view the Store Paths?

R-Click on the Store / Properties

Netscaler Troubleshooting

How can you troubleshoot Netscaler authentication issues?

From the CLI:

"cat aaad.dbug" to monitor the live output of the AAA debug process.

Delivery Controller Troubleshooting

How do you access the configuration logging?

Studio / Logging node

Delivery Controller Troubleshooting

How do you create a custom report?

Studio / Logging / Create Custom Report link in the Actions pane.

Delivery Controller Troubleshooting

What file formats are available for reports?


Delivery Controller Troubleshooting

Where do you monitor the database & license server health?

In Director / Dashboard / Infrastructure Pane