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What are the 4 recommended policies?

1. Unfiltered

2. Remote Access

3. Local Access

4. Mobile Device


What policy template do you use for remote access?

And local access?

Optimized for WAN

High Definition User Experience


What 3 policy settings would you enable for mobile device support?

1. Automatic Keyboard displayed

2. Launch touch-optimized desktop

3. Remote the combo box

High Availability

a. What HA do you use for delivery controllers?

b. For License server?

c. SQL database?

a.) N+1 to sustain 1 DC failure

b.) None - there's a 30 day grace period if license server fails.

c.) SQL Mirror


In Storefront 2.6 or later, how can you prevent users from removing auto-provisioned apps or hide the plus sign?

With mandatory stores. Basically, you see ALL apps in the store.


How do you configure a store as a mandatory store?

In Storefront console, select the store, in actions pane, click "Disable User Subscriptions".


What apps do you get in a Mandatory Store?

ALL apps in the store.


How do you add legacy PNAgent support to a store.

Store/Actions/"Configure Xenapp Services Support"


What are the storefront beacons?

Beacons are URLs that tell receiver if it is connecting from inside or outside your network.


Where should the internal beacon be resolvable?

On your internal network ONLY! Not from the public internet.

Connection Leasing

What's the new "LHC" called in XD/XA 7.6?

Connection Leasing

Connection Leasing

With SQL offline, what resources (apps/desktops) can users access?

Anything they've connected to in the last 2 weeks. (admin configurable)

Connection Leasing

How does the controller store connection data so it can service connections without SQL?

In XML files on local disk.

The XML files are a record of any successful user connection in the last 14 days.

Connection Leasing

What resource does connection leasing NOT work with?

Xendesktop pooled desktops are not supported.

It only works with Xenapp, RDS, & XenDesktop assigned desktops, (1:1 static desktops).

Connection Leasing

What resource can connection leasing consume a lot of, especially during logon storms.

Disk IOPs on the controller, as it caches the sessions connecting.

Connection Leasing

What powershell command shows the status of connection leasing?


VDA Registration

What are the 7 common causes of unregistration?

1. Virtual desktop not added to XD site.

2. Desktop firewall config

3. DNS Config

4. Time Sync

5. Domain Membership

6. SPN - Service Principal Names

7. Multiple NICs


What are the 2 versions of windows profiles & which OS do they apply to?

Version 1: XP & Server 2003

Version 2: Vista & Server 2008


Director supports 3 types of searches. What are they?





What must you install on a Xenapp 6.5 server to get it's data into Director?

WMI Provider from the Director DVD.


What EXE do you run on the director server to enable Xenapp monitoring?


DirectorConfig.exe /Xenapp