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What type of key does WEP use?
A 40-bit shared secret key, a RC4 psuedorandom number generator PRNG encryption and a 24 bit initialization vector
What are some liabilities of PDAs
They do not support DAC
They lack audit capabilities
They don't support a non-object reuse policy
They provide no data integrity protection
What do string signatures look for?
text strings that indicate a possible attack
What do header condition signatures look for?
dangerous or illogical combinations in packet headers.
What is logon abuse?
Privilege escalation
What is C2MYAZZ?
A utility that enables server spoofing to implement a session hijacking or MITM attack
During Discovery scanning what does the classification process produce?
Applications running on the target system
During discovery scanning what does the inventory scan produce
A list about the target systems OS and available ports
What is the most basic and fastest type of TCP scan?
TCP connect()
What is a SYN/ACK scan
A scanner sends a SYN/ACK packet if the port is closed it assumes the SYN/ACK is a mistake and sends a RST if the port is open the SYN/ACK will be dropped
What is a liability of TCP FIN scans?
They work only on Non-Windows machines because Windows Machines send a RST regardless of if the port is open or closed.
What are four differences in OS implementation of the TCP/IP stack?
Time to Live
Initial Window Size
Don't Fragment bit
Type of Service
What is the standard TTL value for most network devices, UNIX and Mac systems?
What is the standard TTL value for most Windows systems?
What is the standard TTL value for HP Jet direct printers?
What is the standard TTL value for Windows 95B/98 systems?
Port 118
Port 119
Port 161
Port 194
Port 389,636
Port 2049
Port 5631
What are the three main components of a polymorphic virus?
A scrambled virus body, a decryption routine, and a mutation engine
Name common Trojans:
Trinoo, Back Orifice, NetBus, SubSeven
Describe XOR
Performs binary bit addition where T is 1 if A and B are not equal
What is C2MYAZZ?
A utility that enables server spoofing to implement a s ession hijacking or MITM exploit
What is the intent of a discovery scan?
to collect enough information about each network device to identify what type of device it is.
What is the intent of an inventory scan?
It provides information about the target system's OS and its available ports
What is clustering with reguards to cryptography?
a situation in which a plaintext message generates identical ciphertext messages by using the same transformation algorithms but with different cryptovariables or keys
How does link encyrption operate?
each entity has keys in common with its two neighboring entities thus as a node recives the encyrpted message from its predecessor (neighboring node) it decrypts it and then reencrypts it with the shared key for the succesive node.
How is a one-time pad usually implemented
as a stream cipher by using XOR
What is the best known symmetric key system?
Describe DES/DEA
64-bit block size and 56-bit key. It is a 16 round cryptosystem utlizsing S-boxes
How is diffusion performed in DES
What are the four modes of DES
Cipher block chaining
Electronic Code Book
Cipher Feedback
Output Feedback
How is confusion performed in DES?
What is the native mode of DES
Electronic Code Book
Which modes of DES operates as a stream cipher?
Cipher Feedback and Output Feedback
Which operational mode of DES is most likely to allow errors to propogate?
Cipher Feedback
In a triple DES encryption notation noted DES-EDE2 what do the letters after DES stand for?
What cipher is AES based on?
What are the bit strenghts of AES variations?
128, 192 and 256
Describe the Rijndael block cipher
iterated block cipher with variable block lenght and variabe key length
What is the fixed block size for AES?
128 bits
What are the three layers of the Rijndael cipher?
The non-linear layer
The liner mixing layer
The key addition layer
The number of rounds in the Rijndael Cipher is a function of the key size: Given a key size of 256 how many rounds will occur
The number of rounds in the Rijndael Cipher is a function of the key size: Given a key size of 192 how many rounds will occur
The number of rounds in the Rijndael Cipher is a function of the key size: Given a key size of 128 how many rounds will occur