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What Cisco product can be used to manage domain names and synchronize IP addresses?
Cisco DNS/DHCP Manager
Load sharing and rapid convergence are important in what network tier?
Core tier
Which Cisco technology works with in switches for multicasting?
CGMP - Cisco Group Management Protocol
What are the five goals of a sound network design?
Functionality, Scalability, Adaptability, Manageability, Cost effectiveness
Which tier of the hierarchical model usually contains companywide servers?
Distribution layer
What is the decimal range of a Class C address?
192 to 223
What are the six steps in Cisco's Design Methodology?
(1) Analyze requirements (2) Develop the structure or topology (3) Set up addressing and naming conventions (4) Provision the hardware (5) Deploy Cisco IOS software (6) Implement, monitor and manage the network
What is the decimal range of a Class B address?
128 to 191
How does a Class D address map to a MAC address for multicasting?
The lowest order 23 bits in the IP address are copied to the ethernet MAC address (which starts with 01:00:5e)
Which tier of the hierarchical model is designed for optimized transport?
Core tier
Which goal of network design dictates how much and how fast a network can grow?
Which tier of the hierarchical model is usually a LAN or group of LANs?
Access layer
Which Cisco product allows modeling of network configurations?
Cisco Netsys
What are the six benefits of a hierarchical model?
(1) Scalability, (2) Ease of Implementation, (3) Ease of Troubleshooting, (4) Predictability, (5) Protocol Support, (6) Manageability
Hierarchical networks should be designed with what in mind?
Maximum scalability
Where does EIGRP summarize by default?
At the classful boundary
If more than one entry in the routing table matches a destination, which route is used?
The one with the longest matching prefix
What is the 80/20 rule state?
80 percent of traffic should be local to the LAN or VLAN, only 20 percent should cross broadcast domains
VLANs define what kind of domain?
Broadcast domain
To support discontiguous subnets. what type of routing protocol is required?
One that supports classless routing
What Cisco technology can be implemented to eliminate a single point of failure at the router?
HSRP - Hot standby router protocol
Name three variations of the three-tier design model?
One tier distributed, One tier hub and spoke, Two tier
Which Cisco product is replacing the Cisco DNS/DHCP Manager?
Cisco Network Registrar (CNR)
Which Cisco technology is a scalable, multi-enterprise solution for multicast?
PIM - Protocol Independent Multicast
Where does RIP v1 and IGRP perform route summarization?
At major classful boundaries
What are two key benefits of route summarization?
Reduces memory usage in the router and reduces network traffic
What is the Class C private IP range? to
What kind of cabling is used for risers between floors in a campus backbone design?
Multimode fiber
What is the Class A private IP range? to
What is the Class B private IP range? to
What kind of cabling is used to connect workstations to wiring closets in a campus design?
Category 5 unshielded twisted pair
What are the components of the three-tierd network model?
Core, Distribution and Access tiers
At which tier of the hierarchical model is a firewall usually deployed?
Distribution layer
Which goal of network design dictates how well new technologies can be absorbed?
What Cisco feature allows multiple IP subnets to exist on the same router port?
Seconday addresses
At which tier of the hierarchical model is QoS usually deployed?
Core layer
Which tier of the hierarchical model usually contain the campus backbone routers?
Distribution layer
Do RIP v1 and IGRP advertise subnet masks?
No, they are classful routing protocols
What is the decimal range of a Class A address?
0 to 126 (127 is the loopback address)
Which tier of the hierarchical model primarily provides WAN links to other remote sites?
Core layer
If multiple routers are used to connect each floor to the backbone, what type of backbone is in use?
Distributed backbone
In which backbone type does a single concentration point connect all user workstations?
Collapsed backbone
What are the two basic types of backbones?
Distrributed and Collapsed
What are the three requirements to use route summarization?
(1) IP addresses must share the same high order bits (2) routing decisions must be based on a 32 bit address (3) routing protocols must carry the subnet mask
In 10Base-2 cabling, at what distance are repeaters necessary?
185 meters or greater
What technology combines routing and switching in a single box and caches flows?
Multilayer switching
What is a widely deployed high-speed upgrade path for existing legacy FDDI distributed backbones?
What is the traffic rule when desiging VLANs?
Keep 80 percent of the traffic local to the VLAN
Routing protocols can be broadly grouped into what two categories?
Link state and distance vector
Does the router transmit the prefix length in classful routing?
Private IP addressing is defined in what RFC?
RFC 1918
Name the two link state protocols
Name the five distance vector protocols
What is the approximate size of the internet routing table?
Over 67,000 entries
What does CIDR aggregate?
Blocks of Class C addresses for ISPs
What is the first step in any campus network design?
Identify technical and business issues that surround the project
What is the key trade-off that must be made in most network designs?
Cost and availability
Which class of addresses is used for multicasting?
Class D
What is the range of addresses available for multicast group assignment? to
Does the router transmit the prefix length in classless routing?
At what network tier should full mesh almost always be used?
Core layer
What are the first 3 bytes of a multicast MAC address set to?
Which tier of the hierarchical model is used to implement policy?
Distribution tier
Which tier of the hierarchical model provides policy-based connectivity?
Distribution layer
What is the minimum ethernet technology needed to truck VLANs?
Fast Ethernet
Should end stations be attached to the backbone?
What technology does Cisco say is typically used for transport on a campus backbone?
Which campus backbone design uses routers on each floor?
Distributed backbone
What is the principal function of the access tier?
To connect users to the network
What technology automatically assigns IP addresses to hosts?
Traditional IP hosts knew only about which three prefix lengths?
8, 16, and 24 bits
Should end user stations be added to the Core tier?
In what network tier are Cisco Express Forwarding and Weighted Random Early Detection found?
Core tier
Which network tier connects users into LANs?
Access tier
What is the distance limitation of 10Base-T cabling?
100 meters
How many bytes does an IP address contain?
4 bytes