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What is a conncesion?
an agreement to allow something that would not normally be permitted.
Whats a rickshaw?
a small caraige with two wheels and a cover that is pulled by one person.
Whats a mantras?
Mistical chant!
what is a Kowtow?
show excessive difference.
Whats a Gawk?
stare stupidly.
Whats a Deigned?
Whats a melee?
brawl violence.
whats Austerity mean?
Strict or serve in disipline ascertic.
What loathe mean?
Whats subordination mean?
place in a lower rank or class.
Whats relish mean?
keen enjoyment.
Whats Prominent mean?
stands out
Whats Ravenous mean?
very hungry.
Whats a attribute?
inherite charictaristics.
Whats a fiasco?
Vidiclous failure.
Whats fortitude mean?
ability to endure.
Whats a predicament?
a troublesome or unpleasent situation.
Whats a chivalry?
spirt or character of the ideal knight.
Whats nonchalantly mean?
showing indifference.
Whats uncanny mean?