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definition of antenatal care

the care of the mother and her unborn abby/babies during pregnancy


1. builds up a good relationship with the health carers

2. moniters growth and development of the baby

3. regular testing to detect possible problems

4. helps prepare mother both physically and mentally for the birth

5. moniters health

6. opportunities to meet other pregnant mothers

7. info to make good decisions

8. classes teach how to cope and care with baby

three types of antenatal care:

independent midwives:

during, at and after the birth, fully qualified, not on nhs, charge fee

Shared care:

gp and midwife, appointments at both places

Community led midwife care:

gp only involved if there is a complication, at gp surgery or health centre

Antenatal visits:

Booking visit- 8th week

once a month 28-30 weeks

every two weeks 31-36 weeks

weekly 37+

midwifes role in booking appointment:

calculates EDD

tests urine and blood pressure

organises first scan

takes a blood sample

height and weight

medical/family medical history

midwife's role during pregnancy:

1. mainly responsable for runing antenatal clinics

2. carries out booking appointements

3. routine tests and moniters health

4. advice and support

5. helps draw up birth plan with mother

midwife role during labour and birth:

1. deliver at home or hospital

2. encourages, tells when to push

3. may give requested pain rlief

4. apgar

5. checks mother eg) for bleeding

midwives role after birth:

1. post-natal ward

2. checks both of their general health

3. visits within first 10 days

4. gives help and advice

pregnancy notes (hand- held notes)

a- more info can be written in detail, all info kept within one booklet, women has access to all info

d- if lost can not be replaced

give three specialists involved in the care and explain what it is they do

dietician- advices on nutrition an gives advice on any special diet or need

obstetrician- specialises in the care of women during pregnancy and birth, will deliver baby if there is complications

health visitor- first sees baby 10 days after birth, encourages the mother to bring the baby to the child health clinic

antenatal classes:

prepares for pregnancy

chance to meet new couples

ask questions in an informal atmosphere

advice and info

what should be included in a birth plan:

prefered method of pain relief

birth partner

who holds the baby first

what will happen if a c-section is needed

positions to give birth in

views on induction