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why is pre-conceptual care important?

1. it is important for a couple wanting to have a baby because it can help to produce healthy sperm and ova

2. provides healthy environment for the foetus

3. increases chances of conceiving

environmental factors to consider?



contact with animals

disaeses and infections

duiet and weight

alcohol and drugs


too underweight- effects periods and ferility

too overweight- affects fertility and can lead to problems in pregnancy eg) high blood pressure

what to eat and avoid?

folic acid- in food or tablet formit helps prevent spina bifida and other neural tube defectd

caffiene- high levels of caffience can lead to low birth weight or even miscarriage

what is the effects of alcohol in pregnancy?

increases the risk of:


still birth

mental retardation

retarded growth

damages cns

alcohol addiction

what is the effects of smoking?

it increases the risk of:

misscarriage and still birth

premature birth

low birth weight

foetus abnormalities

poor growth and learning difficulties


1. caused by viruses and infections

2. bacterial infections are curable but viral infection are not

what do genetic counsellors investigate?

1. blood rlationship betwen parents

2. previous miscarriages

3. family history of genetic disorders

4. if either partner belongs to an ethnic group in which genetic disorders occur frequently

what is fertillity

being able to concieve/produce offspring

reasons for infertility?

male- blockage of vas deferens, very low sperm count, poor diet, testicular cancer

female- ovarian cancer, age, fibroids, damaged fallopian tubes