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what increases statistical power?
- increased alpha value
- decrease variance
- increased effect size
- increased sample size
statistical power is increased in what circumstances?
A. decreased alpha
B. increase variability
C. increased sample size
D. decreased treament effect
C. increased sample size
which one is more affected by extreme numbers?
A. mean
B. median
with a normal distribution when the SD is very small what is the appearance of the frequency distribution?
A. tall and skinny
B.short and fat
C. bimodal
D. mean to left of median
A. tall and skinny (short and fat would be large SD)
when viewing a positively skewed frequency distribution what is the relationship between mean and median?
A. the mean is less than the median
B. the mean is greater than the median
C. the mean is located to the left of the median
B. the mean is greater than the median (think positive= mean is higher +)
Ho states that there is?
no difference between two groups. Ha= a difference exists
if P. value is 0.08 we?
A. accept the null hypothesis
B. reject the null hypothesis
C. the result is statistically significant?
A. accept the null hypothesis (= no difference P.value>alpha)
we always assume the null hypothesis to be true?
what is a type 1 error?
when u reject the Ho (i.e saying there is a difference) but no true difference actually does exist
what is the type 2 error?
when you accept Ho (i.e saying there is no difference) but a difference actually exists
the probability of commiting a type two error?
wat is statistical power?
the probability of finding a statistically significant difference if one exists in the real world
what is statistical power?
when the results are unlikely to have occured by chance
clinical importance?
is the result meaningful to the patient
what determines if result is statistically significant?
if p-value < alpha = significant and if does not have zero in CI.if zero included i.e -1.2-4.2 = not stat significant