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Double-replacement reactions are generally driven by the formation of:
d.) all of these
If butane (C4H10) undergoes complete combustion:
a.) 8 CO2 is one product
Given the equation 2H20 -> 2H2 + O2, how many moles of H20 would be required to produce 2.5 moles of O2?
d.) 5.0
If 3 mol of CaCO3 undergo decomposition to form CaO and CO2, how many grams of CO2 are produced?
d.) 132 g
If CuO + H2 -> Cu + H2O, how many moles of H2O are produced when 240 grams of CuO react?
b.) 3.0 mol
Given the balanced equation 16HCL + 2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, if 1.0 mokl of KMnO4 reacts, howmany moles of H2O are produced?
c.) 4.0mol
Based on the equation in question 13 how many grams of KCl are produced when 1 mol of KMnO4 reacts?
b.)75 g
If 110 grams of HCL are used in the reaction XXXXXXXXXX, how many moles of FeCl3 are produced?
a.) 1.0 mol
In the reaction XXXXXXXX how many grams of H2SO4 are required to produce 1.0 gram of H2?
c.) 49 g
If 18 grams of carbon react with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, how many molecules of oxygen would be required?
c.) 9.0 x 10^23
Given the reaction XXXXXXXXXX, if 6.5 L of O2 react at STP, how many liters of NO2 are produced?
d.) 13 L
Given the reaction XXXXXXXXXXXXX, if 2.0 mol Zn and 5.0 mol HCL are allowed to react:
a.) Zn is the limited reagent
If 1 Calorie = 4.28 kJ, how many kJ of energy will be released by an apple containing 125 Cal?
c.) 522 KJ
The temperature of a 6.0g sample of glass changed from 20 C to 45 C when it absorbed 550 J of heat. What is the specific heat of this glass sample?
a.) 3.7 J/(g x C)
The enthalpy of a system is the sam as its:
d.) heat content