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mole to mole

coeff mole answer


coeff mole given

grams to mole

1 mole coeff mole answer

`````` ```````````````

periodic table g coeff mole given

gram to gram

1 mole given coeff mole ans per table g ans

`````````` ```````````` ````````````

per table g coeff mole given 1 mole ans

limiting reagent

smaller answer is the correct answer: lim reag give (stoich)=excess : orig excess given-excess reagent used

gas laws

P1V1 P2V2

```` = ````

T1 T2

ideal gas laws

PV=nRT ; P=atm v=liters n=moles r=0.0821 t=kelvin


moles solute

M=``````````` ; M1V1=M2V2

Liters soultion


moles solute (move decimal left

m=`````````` kg->g)

kg solvent


g solute

ppm= ``````` X 1x10^6

g solution