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Metals are very useful in our everyday lives. Ores are?

Naturally occurring rocks that provide an economic starting point for the manufacture of metals.

Iron ore is used to make?

Iron and steel

Copper can be easily extracted so why are new methods of extracting copper being developed?

Because copper rich ores are becoming scarce.

Is it economical to extract metals?

It is economical to extract metals because ores contain enough to metal but this may change over time.

Ores are mined and may be?

Concentrated before the metal is extracted and purified.

Give an example of a metal that is found by itself?


Most metals are found as compounds that require chemical reactions to extract the metal.

Metals that are less reactive than carbon can be extracted from their oxides by reduction with carbon. Give one example.

Iron oxide is reduced in the blast furnace to make iron.

Knowledge and understanding is limited to the reduction of oxides using ------?


Knowledge of reduction is limited to the removal of -------?


Metals that are more reactive than carbon, such as aluminium, are extracted by?

Electrolysis of molten compounds.

What is the problem with using large amounts of energy in the extraction of these metals?

It is very expensive.

Copper can be extracted from copper-rich ores by heating the ores in a?



Copper can be purified by?


The supply of copper-rich ores is?


Unlimited or limited?

Copper is extracted from its ores by chemical processes that involve?

Heat or electricity

Copper rich ores are being?

Reduced and traditional mining and extraction have major environmental impacts.

New way of extracting copper from low-grade ores are being researched to limit the environmental impact of traditional mining. Copper can be extracted by ?

Phytomining or by bioleaching.

Phytomining uses plants to?

Absorb metal compounds

The plants are burned to produce ash that contains the metal compounds.

Bioleaching uses bacteria to produce leachate solutions that contain?

Metal compounds

Copper can be obtained from solutions of copper salts by?

Electrolysis or by displacement using scrap iron.

During electrolysis where do the positive ions move to?

Positive ions move towards the negative electrode.