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Workplace hazardous materials information system

What are the three main requirements of WHMIS?


-material safety data sheet (msds)

-worker education

What are labels used for?

-alert you of the type of hazardous material in the container

-the dangers of the product

-how to use the product safely

Any chemical has three hazards associated with it, what are they?





Compressed Gas

-gas under high pressure and may explode easily


Flammable and Combustible

-can catch fire easily



-contains highly reactive oxygen


Poisonous and Infectious Causing Immediate Serious Toxic Effects

-very toxic, may be fatal


Hazardous Household Product Symbols


Danger (red)


Warning (orange)


Caution (yellow)

Physical property?

A characteristic of a substance

Physical change?

Change that does not affect a subtances size or form

Chemical property?

Characteristic behaviour that occurs when a substance changes to a new substance

Chemical change?

When substances react and rearrange their atoms to form a new substance

What are five indicators that a chemical change has occured?

-color change

-odor change

-formation of gas

-formation of percipitate

-energy change


Solid material forming in liquid


Pure substances that contain two or more different elements chemically combined


A substance that contains two or more different kinds of particles combined in some way

Heterogeneous mixture?

You can see the different componets

Homogeneous mixture

You can't see the different componets

What are the three types of special mixtures?






-the solid particals don't filter out

-transparent (doesn't show tyndall effect)



-the solid particles dont filter out

-semi transparent (show tyndall effect)



-the solid particles will filter out

-not transparent (show tyndall effect)

_______ are homogeneous mixtures, made up of a _______ (the substance being dissovled) and a _______ (the substance doing the dissolving.




What are the three types of solutions?



-super saturated

______________ is the process that occurs at saturation point, for every crystal at the bottom that forces its way into the solution, one must come out to make room for it.

Dynamic equilibrium


-solid to liquid

-volume ⬆

-density ⬇

-heat must be added

-water is an exception


-liquid to solid

-volume ⬇

-density ⬆

-heat must be removed

Modern atomic theory? #5

The law of definite porportions states when atoms combine to form compounds they do so in the ratio of small whole numbers.

Modern atomic theory? #6

The law of multiple porportions states that sometimes atoms of the same element can combine to form different compounds.

Modern atomic theory? #6

The law of multiple porportions states that sometimes atoms of the same element can combine to form different compounds.

What are the groups?

Purple - alkali metals

Red - alkaline earth metals

Light Blue - transition metals

Yellow - inner transition metals

Pink - metals

Orange - metalloids

Dark Blue - non metals

Green - halogens

Teal - noble gases

Atoms are _____. The number of _____ = the number of _____. They will give up neutrality to become stable this is called the ___________.




Octet Rule


Dangerously Reactive

-may react violently with almost any chemical to produce potentially dangerour reactions